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    Laughing boys

    by , 05-18-2018 at 07:12 PM (362 Views)
    so I close my eyes and I was trying to do magic power in my dream I was moving my hand in gestures formation trying to make the darkness wrap around me like some sort of anime or cartoon for a little bit I jolt up to see if I was dreaming I was still awake I stare in the mirror with my eyes closes for a bit knowing where I was at then I start hearing laughter I lay down then slip in lucidity I still thought I was doing magic powers and hand gestures then I vanish vortex to 6 boys where they were sitting in a room that look like a hotel and it seem like I was staring at the audience from the laugh track that come on sitcom yet when they were talking to each other they would all starting laughing in unison I close my eyes tighter in my dreams then I become blind for a bit before I see them again now its only 2 boys that I see when my vision comes back one of those 2 boy out of the six picks up a remote and starts to change the channel and then I wake up seeing if I was still doing the hand gestures yet I was hugging my pillow and then after that the dream fades and I forget whats happens

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    Tags: astral plane
    lucid , false awakening