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    Lucidity enslavement

    by , 09-22-2017 at 09:12 PM (388 Views)
    So I was sleeping trying to performe dark gestures that what I call it when I think I'm dreaming I'm trying to do lucid intervals where I can false replicate my dream body as if I'm still awake this is darkness control you have to replicate your body in still infamy as if just moving around the house this is called the mirror enslavement technique this is where you see yourself Ina mirror in a dream for the first time and you can do this in waking reality whenever so I was trying to astral project so I kept faking it and walking to the mirror just so I can enslave my subconscious to keep thinking over and over so it work so as I was enslaving my mirror persona I closed my eyes and just thought that I was surrounded by mirrors so I what faint and jolt acting upon if I were still looking at myself going to see myself in the mirror as I enslaved this humor I thought to myself how can imprison people Inside a looking glass that was under my control everytime someone look in a mirror or look upon glass
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