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    Self Destruction Expolsion

    by , 01-01-2018 at 10:40 PM (443 Views)
    this dream I'm side scrolling then I get suck into a vortex where cosmic darkness engulf my whole body the dark then envelops into imploding star light the light and the darkness tug and pull out each other as I'm trying to become lucid as my lucidity start I get suspended in the air then I see a circle of green light the green light then becomes

    neurons as atom particles that get minded away when I'm trying to jolt awake I'm in animation then I start jerking my physical body from my dream body trying to wake up cause the light fixtures were becoming to condescending so I'm trying to pull my my psychical body from my dream persona as I become lucid my dream become an developing white light and I can still feel my body with air pressure floating in the air as the light shimmers into a dark fade I awake where the light start spurting on its own and when I wake up my pants are wet from peeing on my self

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