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    The Adventures of Dixon Hill

    Get on your Knees!

    by , 03-25-2019 at 07:17 PM (186 Views)
    6 May 2017

    Technique: SSILD before going to bed and at 5.
    I'm in a war scenario. There are triremes in a stormy sea. Now I'm into one of these ships. The troop sings a song to motivate themselves. In this same scenario, now in a cave near a beach, I realize that I am in a dream. I'm in the shoes of a different character, now bloodless on the ground. A group of men comes in to help me. Now I become another character? The scene is very confused and with it the memory.

    At that point I have a moment of lucidity and put my hands in front of my eyes to teleport to Marta's house. Now it's me again. I arrive in another house, a little blurry. I begin to stabilize by looking around and touching, but for too little time (Note: a frequent mistake of mine). The owner is a 40-50 year old woman with light brown hair.

    I change room, being careful not to let her see me (I don't know why, I'm semi-lucid). I lean towards the corridor. Next to the woman, who is washing clothes in the bathroom at the end of the corridor, I see a beautiful brunette girl of about 20-25 years old, in her underwear and undershirt. She must be her daughter.

    I push her into her room on the right, getting past a glass door. Now she is against the wall. I move with pure animalistic instinct, without filters.

    I put my hands on her shoulders and put pressure on her to kneel in front of me. She opposes resistance. I order: "Get down!" She obeys. She smiles and looks at me. I put it in her mouth, with my hands on the back of her head, feeling the hair. The whole feeling is almost realistic. Paradise...
    But I make the mistake of closing my eyes
    and the dream vanishes.

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