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    The Adventures of Dixon Hill

    Here it Begins!

    by , 03-25-2019 at 06:52 PM (196 Views)
    In order to reignite the spark and start having more lucid dreams, I'll write some of my old ones here.
    So far they have all lasted a few seconds and with a lucidity that has never gone beyond the realization that I was in a dream, but with my actions being dominated more by instinct than by rationality.
    With that said, let's begin!

    14 March 2017

    At that time I was practicing the SSILD technique. I also meditated about ten minutes before going to bed.

    I see about twenty meters away a small group of 2-3 people, among whom I immediately recognize the features of E., a former classmate of mine with whom I had had a brief relationship. Black hair, long and smooth, with a pretty face but nothing more, rather shapely and sensual.

    As I instinctively approach her I realize that I am in a dream. The scene is in color, but while rubbing my hands I feel no sensation. Instead of stabilizing, I continue to walk automatically towards her.

    The scene becomes unstable, instead of E. there is now an African woman, in her forties, rather chubby, red shorts and a white t-shirt.

    We are in a country road, it would seem in a isolated place. The soil is reddish and very dusty. To our right is a kind of moving pickup, which reminds me of the Walker Texas Ranger setting.

    As I approach her she starts running, maybe scared; at that point I run too, but I have no real control over my actions.
    The scenario begins to blur. I try to shout "Light!" and I blink (maybe I had read it somewhere in those days), but obviously as a beginner I open the physical eyelids
    and wake up.

    I write immediately with enthusiasm my first LD on the notepad next to the bed (before that I only had a few moments of lucidity followed by darkness and awakening). After having other non-lucid dreams I wake up in the morning, look at the notepad and there nothing is written! It was a false awakening but I hadn't noticed.

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