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    The Adventures of Dixon Hill

    Purple Lingerie

    by , 03-25-2019 at 07:09 PM (189 Views)
    1 April 2017

    I wake up at 6. I do a few rounds of SSILD and FILD. Sensation of going out of body: I enter the dream!
    To stabilize I block my nostrils and breathe: it works! I am in a room, but everything is very dark. Then I start to rub my hands and touch the furniture, while I look quickly from one point of the room to the other. On the left I touch a piece of furniture with woven fabric and felt, with a rather vivid tactile sensation.

    By doing these operations the room becomes more illuminated, as if sunlight were entering through a window, and I can now distinguish the various colors. However, I stop stabilizing before reaching a good level of sharpness. The dream is therefore still unstable and I move only by instinct.

    I am in a room similar to a previous non-lucid dream. I have the feeling that my girlfriend Marta is there too, but I don't see her. I see wooden furniture and an unmade bed, with sheets and a white duvet on the right, lit by the sun. I try to put it in order by covering my eyes and reopening them intentionally, but it doesn't work.

    I then leave the room and enter a corridor, but with too much frenzy, almost in a hurry, not in control of my actions. In front of me in the corridor I see two of my former classmates (one of middle school and one of high school), S. and J. They are pretty girls, one with brown hair and the other black, long and smooth. Here I instinctively lose control instead of stabilizing the dream first.

    I forcefully take J. by the arm and try to drag her to a room on the left. She doesn't want to enter and resist me. I imagine that she is already inside. It works: still from the corridor I see her on the bed in the room.

    Now she only has purple lace lingerie on her. Marvellous! The hope of stabilizing the dream is now below zero. I begin to hug and kiss her. However, vividness and control are now very low. Instinctively I try to stabilize by looking at her hair, but it doesn't work because they're moving. We are actually writhing almost like in a fight.

    Initially she is rather upset, as before, but as soon as I start massaging her pussy (she still has lace underpants on) she begins to moan of pleasure. I have a distinct tactile sensation but the dream is weakening more and more...

    I return to the physical body and am unable to re-enter the dream.

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