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    The Adventures of Dixon Hill

    Sorry, I just have to pee...

    by , 03-25-2019 at 07:27 PM (201 Views)
    8 June 2017

    At that time I was practicing the ADA technique.

    I'm in an unknown house. Suddenly I become conscious. I look down from a flight of white stairs (I don't remember if straight or a spiral). Downstairs there is a living room. Now it vaguely reminds me of a family friend's house which I saw once as a child.

    In the room, which I always observe from above, there is an empty table and chair. As usual I move according to the most primitive instinct, without any rational control that is not the awareness of being in a dream and the consequent exhilarating feeling of freedom.

    I close my eyes and make a girl appear in the chair. The vision reappears and with it a very pretty blonde, but with that trick I lost a lot of vividness (Note: it's better to try controlling the dream with the eyes open). I look at my hands but for too little time to produce a stabilization of the scene. Now I'm out of control.

    I go down the stairs. The girl has a blue sleeveless shirt and is rather tanned. She immediately takes off her shirt (on her own initiative or after my mental command?). She is completely naked from the waist up. As I approach, I suddenly feel a strong urge to pee (Note: also present when I wake up in reality).

    The blonde now lies on her stomach (I don't remember whether on the table or on the floor) and I start peeing on her belly. She is happy and smiles.
    The dream vanishes soon after
    , I can't get back and I wake up.

    Come on, I was semi-lucid, what can I do

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