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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 2 Lucids in one night... what happened?!

      by , 02-04-2013 at 10:13 AM
      This came as a complete surprise to me, just was not expecting it.

      Dream 1. I was in some corridor and I realised I wasn't where I should have been so I became lucid. I dropped to the floor to stabilise and started feeling the carpet beneath me. It didn't feel like carpet, it felt like there was a cushion of air stopping me fron touching it. So this meant I couldn't stabilise much. I stood up and made to walk out of the corridor when I felt the dream wobble. "Damn this is a fragile dream" I thought as I lowered myself to the floor again for a second attempt at stabilising. Things didn't get much better and before long I was kicked into a False Awakening.

      Dream 2...ish. I was laid in my bed, I could feel it beneath me. I thought I'd woken up when suddenly lucidity strikes again when I notice I'm not the weight I should be. Unfortunately I can't remember now if I was lighter or heavier than I am usually. But I daren't open my eyes for fear I might wake up. So that one ended pretty quickly before I had to wake up via alarm clock.

      A good night after a month long dry spell
      lucid , false awakening
    2. Finally, a lucid!!!

      by , 04-24-2012 at 06:49 PM
      I became lucid from the start of the dream (Lucid - 5 Points) but I RC'd anyway just to make sure (RC - 2 Points). My first thought was to fly for some reason. I launched myself into the air and had the same problem as felicity, I floated slowly back down and hovered above the ground. I worked out that this was still flying and flew around for a bit (Flying - 4 Points). Then I lost lucidity and I ended up talking to some water and meeting a princess. The the dream ended. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I was on some kind of pirate ship and we were alerted to monsters nearby, but we couldn't see them. We were all given small communication devices and then sent down into the bowels of the ship. We found that there was a small hole where the monsters or in and took some of our supplies. We got rid of them an boarded up the whole just in time for the end of the dream. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I was making myself some toast and my toaster was acting strangely. Unfortunately I took no notice and happily munched through my toast in bed ^_^ then my cat came in and pulled the covers off of me, she wanted to go outside even though it was late at night. I was like -_- finnee but then when we got outside it was daylight and for some reason I decided o go exploring. I found a new geocache with some co-ordinates in it and I got really excited as I ran back home to see where the co-ords lead. Then I remembered that it was a Tuesday an I still had to go to college then the dream ended. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I was on my paper round and I couldn't quite make out one of the names on the papers. I asked a passerby and he had no clue either. Then his whole family came out and wished him happy birthday. I brought a card out of nowhere and have it to him before heading on my way. The dream ended shortly after with me still not having a clue who the paper was for. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I also had a false awakening

      Lucid - 5 Points
      RC - 2 Points
      Flying - 4 Points
      Full dream x4 - 4 points

      TOTAL = 15 Points
    3. I got another lucid!!!! well 2 actually :P

      by , 03-16-2012 at 08:54 AM
      I was in my back garden and had a suspicion that I was dreaming, I plugged my nose (RC - 1 Point)and I could breath………YES I'M LUCID FOR THE 3rd TIME THIS WEEK!!!!(Lucid - 5 Points) I shouted. But I knew there was no time to waste so I stabilized the dream by running my hands along the ground and then I decided to try rubbing my hands together.(Stabilise - 2 Points) Both worked nicely but didn't increase the clarity too much. I then thought about what I wanted to do, well first would be to fly since I've never done that before. I looked to the skies, took a run up, felt the air rush against my face and then I… fell. Hmm maybe it takes a bit of practice I thought so I tried again and the same thing happened. Although it was like the gravity was a little less I still couldn't get airborne. I tried one last time and then gave up, oh well there was lots more stuff I could do instead. I had this instinct that the world was going to end so I decided to try and survive in my shed. I went in and found my friend G he'd had the same instinct. We decided to go out one last time to have a smoke (I don't even smoke -_-) as we left the shed we were barefoot and there was two inches of snow on the ground. We still walked through it but my feet were very cold. When we got back I noticed the the weather had become more tornado like. I decided to go outside and be the last broadcaster to go out (I work in radio). As I approached the center of my garden a mixing desk appeared with 3 microphones. I tested everything and decided that one of the mics wasn't loud enough. Ok let's not go along with the dream plot then, I saw my dad in the kitchen and he looked surprised to see me. I told him the one of the mics needs turning up (Interact with a DC - 2 Points) so he went and fiddled with it for a minute and then went back inside. As I was about to start broadcasting I heard a very loud roar. I looked behind me to see two huge passenger aircraft very low to the ground. I turned and ran, there was not enough time to do anything. I hid behind a hedge thinking I could survive, that was a mistake. One of the planes must have spun itself round because when I looked up one of the jet engines was right in front of me. I was sucked into the still spinning engine and killed instantly. The dream ended here.
      (Full dream - 1 Point)

      Then I had a FA where I woke up and it was 10.00am, I was late for work!!!!

      I was waiting for the bus and decided to do an RC to keep up my ADA, to my surprise I could breathe! (RC - 1 Point) I was lucid again! (Lucid - 5 Points) I got on the bus that had in the meantime arrived at my stop and went and sat at the front wondering what I could try. I looked to the back of the bus and saw J sat there complaining that the seat was really hot. Then the dream faded out and I woke up. I didn't try to stop it, I was ecstatic about what I'd managed in the first place. I woke up at 5.30am
      (Full Dream - 1 Point)

      Absolutely amazing night

      RC x2 - 2 Points
      Stabilise x1 - 2 Points
      Lucid x2 - 10 Points
      Interact with DC x1 - 2 Points
      Full dream x2 - 2 Points

      TOTAL = 18 Points
      lucid , false awakening
    4. Points for 1/01/12

      by , 01-01-2012 at 03:48 PM
      Happy New Year everybody!

      2 Full dreams (2 points)
      1 False awakening
      1 WBTB attempt (1 point)

      I was in an airport and we were carrying our luggage through to departures. When we got there I accidentally put my hand luggage on the conveyor belt, so we had to wait for it to come back round where I could pick it up.Once that was done we boarded and went and sat near the front, we then changed our minds and went to sit at the back near the door. When everybody was on the plane started to make it's way towards the runway, it took a shortcut over some rubble and we flew in the air for a few seconds before coming back into contact with the ground. We then turned around to face the runway, it looked as though we were under some kind of motorway bridge. Then we saw the runway; it was so short, there was no way a plane could manage to take off in that short distance. The pilot throttled the engines to full power and we shot off down the runway, they roared loudly as we rushed towards the end of the runway and everybody thought we weren't going to make it. But just feet before the end the plane gained enough speed to pull up and we took off. The dream then ended. (Full Dream- 1 point)

      I was sat in a hall and in front of me was a stage and curtains, I was in a theatre and by the looks of things it was nearly full. I glanced at the two huge red curtains to see a fat woman dressed in white peeping through. Then the lights dimmed and I realised that I was sat right at the front very close to the stage. The curtains seemingly disappeared and there was now a fake bar in front of me with stools all around it and the woman I saw earlier serving. Then Jamie Oliver appeared round the corner with another stool. He explained to the audience that he's been sent 20 miles on foot to find this stool which matched the other at the bar. He sat down opposite the barmaid, right next to me. He said something funny and everyone laughed but me, so he turned round to me and said "Are you not finding this funny?" and I said back "Sorry I didn't understand the joke" (even though it can't have been the funny) He repeated it in simpler terms and everybody laughed again but me included this time. He patted me on the knee and said "Ah you get it now!" and he returned to doing the play. My mum who was sat next to me whispered in my ear saying "Go on stroke his knee" and I said no because that would be a bit random and weird. The dream ended here. (Full Dream- 1 point)

      1 WBTB attempt (1 point)
    5. (Points for the 20/12/11) FA, A wizard and bus crash, and a snow wolf

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:37 AM
      A false awakening
      2 full dreams
      -A wizard and a bush crash
      -A snow wolf

      False awakening: When it happened I looked at my watch, the time said 7.40am. When I woke up for real the time said 7.15am.

      Dream 1: A wizard and a bus crash
      I arrived at my village shop to do my paper round, so I collected my papers. Then whilst stood outside of the shop this man recognised me from somewhere and threatened to run me over. He then proceede to get into his car, me being scared I went into the shop to find it filled with people including my brother. Once a few people had left I went outside to find the man had gone. My brother who had followed me outside spotted a can of coke on a bench, he went to pick it up. Suddenly this woman who was smoking a cigarette appeared from around a corner and glared at him in such a horrible way. We then left and started walking back home. On the way back we met up with a few people, one of them was a wizard. We asked him why the woman kept glaring at us and he replied "You must go back in time and save everybody!" Then I appeared on a bus, it was passing through my village but there was no sign of my brother or any of the people I met before. We drove past the large lake in my village and the bus started to lean towards it. Suddenly the bus fell and smacked straight into the ice cold water. The water then started poring into the bus from every angle and I knew this is what the wizard meant. So I started grabbing people and pulling them towards the emergency exit. I couldn't get them out quick enough and the bus was nearly full with water. I looked around and saw a boy about my age running out of air. I swam over and grabbed him, I then motioned for everyone to grab onto each other and I'd pull them up. A few seconds later we broke the surface of the water and then lay on the embankment catching our breath. The boy who I grabbed earlier had swallowed alot of water and was struggling to breath. Two people helped him cough the water back up. On the ground next to the embankment appeared a huge duvet and everybody got underneath to keep warm.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      Dream 2: A snow wolf
      I was looking across fields at what appeared to be golden eagles but they were actually coloured golden. Several other people were stood next to me when we saw tigers and wolves come out from the undergrowth at the edge of the field a few metres away. Both the tiger and the wolf closest to me took one look at me. I ran as fast as I could to the nearest tree which I climbed just in time to have a wolves jaws snap shut only centimetres away from my dangling legs. I was in a large willow tree, the one in my garden to be more specific. I was just about to wonder where I was when I slipped and fell a foot closer to the wolf waiting below. Then the branch I was using for support snapped and I fell all the way to the ground landing on my back. I was right I was now in my back garden. I looked to the right to see this huge grey and black wolf standing over me growling. I stayed incredibly still while the wolf sniffed me out, it must have smelt or seen that I meant no harm because it started to lose interest. I moved my hand up and stroked its furry neck, then I got up and walked to my house and the wolf followed behind me. We both went into my room where there was a blond girl waiting who looked about 14 years old, was about half a head shorter than me and was wearing a red top and jeans. (I have discussed this with FelicityPotter and we think it could have been her, unfortunately I wasn't lucid to check.) I started writing things down on paperand glanced to my right to see the wolf looking inquisitivly at me. It was then I noticed it had the nose of a pig but with a third nasal passage. I looked over to the girl who was now on my bed, then I spotted some movement behind my bedroom blinds. It was my mum watching me and making sure I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't be. Then a few minutes later my brother did the same thing and it really annoyed me.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      (Total: 2 points)
    6. Travelling, a false awakening and a Colosseum.

      by , 08-28-2011 at 10:37 AM
      Please feel free to comment, I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas on my dreams
      Dream code:
      Fully Lucid

      I got on a bus and travelled to Norway on a kind of tourist holiday. I had some slips of paper which I could write my destination on and some money. Our destination was supposed to be Morocco (I think) but we took a detour to Norway by bus all the way. Then we went to Finland where we were going sight seeing.

      I had a false awakening here.

      I'm not sure if I was lucid or not but I was in control. I'm not sure if I knew whether I was dreaming or not so I'll mark it down a semi lucid/lucid. I think this is the second part to the first dream I had above.

      I was inside some kind of temple alongside a good friend of mine, my cousins and my parents. We were all in this main entrance place but the room seemed to be made of old stone. We went a bit further but weren't allowed due to health and safety. A relative of mine sent an encoded text to my mum and for some reason examining the stone walls would decipher it. Then I accidently found a slab that could be removed, and behind it there was a secret passage but only big enough to crawl through. We came out on the other side and we appeared to be in some kind of Colosseum

      It was magnificent and we were at the bottom near the ring.This must have been the bit we weren't allowed in. There was a whole audience screaming and cheering at the empty ring. I didn't want them there and the next thing I know they've all disappeared and the place is now empty except for me, my friend and my cousins and parents. I went and sat on a small stone platform just outside of the ring whilst my friend and my brother went into the ring. I was trying to take all this in because it felt so real and vivid. For some reason inside the ring there were trampolines. I thin decided to go in for a bit, I came out a few minutes after. Shortly afterwards my friend came running out and hugged me really tightly(She's a girl so it's quite normal) Whilst hugging me she was saying thankyou over and over again for bringing her to such a wonderful place. Then for some unknown reason my brother ran up to me and kicked me, striking a blow directly between my legs! I didn't feel anything but that was what must have ended my dream.
      lucid , false awakening