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    Haunted House Horrors

    by , 10-09-2013 at 09:08 AM (418 Views)
    I wasn't in the dream as a person I was watching it. There was this little girl alone with the teddy bear and she walked into the kitchen of this huge house and on the kitchen worktop I was a web cam and it was on and the screen it was connected to walls projecting some kind of image on the wall behind her. She then looked straight at the webcam and said something along the lines of 'Come home daddy'. I realized the image on the wall was of an empty living room.

    Moving on through the dream I see her mother emptying the washing machine. Suddenly the door slammed behind her and the same happened to her daughter. I woke up sweating even though nothing that scary had actually happened. Looks like my brain is getting ready for Halloween

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    non-lucid , nightmare