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    1. Task Of The Month Complete?

      by , 08-09-2013 at 07:54 AM
      Dream 1:

      I was in my home city at night and with this girl, I didn't know her but she said we could go and look around this place even though it was locked up. I was a little scared of getting caught and getting in trouble with the police but then the girl said something strange; "You are the master of time and they will obey and bow down to you". Didn't make me lucid strangely enough even after we went inside and saw this dummy in a waistcoat come over from nowhere and open the door for us. Inside was a sight to behold, a huge pocketwatch looking clock was on the wall opposite me, it must have been at least 100ft tall and it had people all over it. I could see they were working on it and polishing it. The girl had disappeared and in her place was a young, tall, slim man with a bit of a beard on his chin. He had fairly short slicked back hair and told me that if I was the master of time I needed to look the part. I glanced to my left and saw a rack of clothes, on it coincidentally was a waistcoat I'd seen irl a few days ago. But before I could put it on the girl came back, I can't remember what she said but we ended up walking through a red door at the end of the hall. We came out into a pub of some sort and we had to keep a dog inside. Unfortunately it escaped from its enclosure but I stopped it from going out of the front door. After that I left.

      I bumped into my girlfriend and since it was evening she suggested we get something to eat on a boat. I agreed and started to walk with her. We kept passing one of my other friends, she was visiting all of these strange meat shops and I asked her why, but can't remember what she said nor what happened after that.

      Dream 2:

      This one I tried to WILD. It worked however it was very very light sleep.

      I was on a pirate ship at sea, the dream wasn't really stable and there was no clarity. But the one thing I remembered to do is one of the TOTMs. So I ran up to quite a young boy on the deck and hurriedly asked him what the meaning of life is. He instantly replied "Blue banana whale in time" .......wat? O.o Before I had time to question him further the realisation came that I'd just completed the task of the month, I got too excited and woke up.

      What a weird response though, certainly wasn't expecting that. Oh well, it gives me something to wonder about
    2. 2 Lucids in one night... what happened?!

      by , 02-04-2013 at 10:13 AM
      This came as a complete surprise to me, just was not expecting it.

      Dream 1. I was in some corridor and I realised I wasn't where I should have been so I became lucid. I dropped to the floor to stabilise and started feeling the carpet beneath me. It didn't feel like carpet, it felt like there was a cushion of air stopping me fron touching it. So this meant I couldn't stabilise much. I stood up and made to walk out of the corridor when I felt the dream wobble. "Damn this is a fragile dream" I thought as I lowered myself to the floor again for a second attempt at stabilising. Things didn't get much better and before long I was kicked into a False Awakening.

      Dream 2...ish. I was laid in my bed, I could feel it beneath me. I thought I'd woken up when suddenly lucidity strikes again when I notice I'm not the weight I should be. Unfortunately I can't remember now if I was lighter or heavier than I am usually. But I daren't open my eyes for fear I might wake up. So that one ended pretty quickly before I had to wake up via alarm clock.

      A good night after a month long dry spell
      lucid , false awakening
    3. Lucid! 25/09/12

      by , 09-30-2012 at 11:04 PM
      Finally found time to post this one, came as a complete surprise to me since I wasn't trying at all (I had college early the next day).

      Dream time:
      I was on a pirate ship but digging for something, there was a lot of sand/ dirt on this ship for some reason and I was digging in it with around 6 or 7 other people looking for something. Looking around I could see empty or half empty bottles of alcohol, I think it was mostly cider or beer.
      Then the captain of the ship came down some steps into the area we were working with what I'm assuming was to be his first mate. She was a witch, wearing purple and holding what seemed to be a crystal ball in her hands. She came over to me and told me to go to the back of the room and when I got there I was overjoyed to see my girlfriend Katie. The witch looked at us both and asked where we wanted to go and I said a forest. Two portals opened up in the wall in front of us and they both had changing images of scenery in. They eventually slowed down and settled on a forest like area, the witch then told us to walk through.

      We landed on a small gravel path with open grass land all around us. Looking off into the distance me and Katie could see the forest we asked for at about 11 o' clock. Looking past that we saw 3 huge tornados but neither of us were panicked or frightened. This is where I became suspicious, I looked again and realised that no way could this happen in real life (well not where I live anyway) and that I was actually dreaming. I was about to carry on walking when surprisingly I remembered to stabilise, quickly dropping to the ground to feel the rough gravel path beneath me. Katie gave me a questioning look, without wasting time in waiting for her to ask I said "Look around you, does this look normal? You're dreaming Katie!" I didn't think it was a shared dream but worth a shot anyway. I expected the usual DC reaction of "Don't be silly of course you're not dreaming" but instead Katie gasped in shock and amazement. We both jumped up and down in excitement which didn't wake me up like it normally would, This is probably due to the fact that I've never managed to stabilise myself so well before this dream. We both continued to walk forward (clearly not a good connection to the conscious brain, usually I would have flown). Then the tornados hit us, they were so powerful, it was like running into a brick wall several times over. Luckily after a couple of seconds it passed and we decided to head back. On the way to the portals we had to make our way around this massive dinosaur that had fallen on the path. It was laying on its side and wasn't moving so we thought it was dead.

      We went back through the portals but instead of being back on the boat we arrived in Katie's garage... in her dads car.
      The dream carried on but at that point I'd lost lucidity and the only other thing I can remember about this dream is that Katie's dad was throwing bricks at windows O.O

      Dream 2 from the same night:

      I was playing a game, but no normal game (this one will make you laugh). I was holding this + or cross, whichever you want to call it. It was about the size of four hands in a square and on it in every direction were small LED lights. What I had to do was stick this device behind a window and then lick the window in a specific way to get all the lights to light up. So whilst I was licking the window (look I wasn't lucid okay!! ) a few of my friends came down the stairs laughing at my "poor" attempt of window licking. We then ended up discussing techniques and how to win.
      Strange right?

      Forgot to mention - Conditions

      None at all, the only thing that could possibly help me is that all day I was wondering if reality is in fact just a huge dream. This must have been what made me lucid!
    4. Creepy Dreams

      by , 09-13-2012 at 10:35 PM
      I was in the co-op store and I was the only one. Everything was quiet and slightly dark, I could not see said ghost but I could feel its presence. Its cold, dark presence. It is the first time in a dream in a long long while that I have actually feared something, something I couldn't see, something I couldn't feel. But something I knew was there. Then the dream ended.

      It was my Uncles birthday and me and my family had just sat down to eat a meal. Then my Uncle turned up and I asked my mum why I did not know of this. She said she'd told me but I had forgotten and therefore he would have to eat my meal. Not going to lie I was slightly disappointed, even though it was just dream food xD

      I did have a lucid on this night, it consisted of me realising randomly, saying "I am dreaming?!?!" Not taking notice of what was around me and then the dream ended suddenly. I think this may have been due to a random rush of excitement or to the fact that I didn't stabilise at all....or have time to.

      I was with a friend discussing how my mum had bought me WKD instead of neat vodka. I then left her and walked into a rather large cave. Here I found another two of my friends swinging on a rope swing above a huge pile of rubbish. I asked them to join me in some kind of challenge/quest and suddenly we were above the previous cave on a maze of bridges which lead off to other caves and what looked like rooms. We had to find these enchanted and glowing books but without waking a sleeping monster which we hadn't seen. We all split up, I wanted someone to come with me because I was rather scared again (This seems to have been the theme for this night -.-) But I was brave and ventured into a nearby cavern alone. On the floor next to my feet was a small bookcase and next to the a green glowing book. I picked it up just before one of my friends called out saying they had also found a book. This one was purple and glowing, suddenly we heard a far off noise of something waking up and we had to go. Then the dream ended.

      I was waiting for a bus on the city high street, I saw it approach, turn round and head back to the bus station 2 minutes away. The dream ended with me being really confused.

      Glad to see my recall is returning after a stressful start to the college year
      non-lucid , lucid
    5. A small lucid, but a lucid all the same!

      by , 08-29-2012 at 10:13 AM
      This one came completely out of the blue. Did not expect it at all since my last lucid knocked my recall out for about a week.

      Anyways from what I remember I was falling, after being fired out of a cannon by my friends. I was falling fast and I looked below me to see some play equipment, this made sense since I was at the park. The play equipment was a metal cube with metal bars going across the inside, a little bit like this:

      except it was flat on the ground. I decided that falling on that would be extremely painful, this is where I became lucid. Not wanting to feel the pain made me realise it was a dream, how strange. Anyway I didn't have long to react as the metal cube came rushing up pretty quickly. The only thing I could think to do was to fly, the skill that I'd practiced for so long, would it work when I really needed it to?
      It did, I slowed down and hovered just a few metres above the metal cube. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and flew over to my friend who was stood nearby watching me fall. He was gobsmacked that I could fly, I landed and walked over to him. He told me it was cool and then walked off still slightly amazed.
      I then lost lucidity and remember no more.

      I've decided it would be useful to put the conditions under which I slept so I can try and find what works best for me so here goes:

      Time I went to bed: 11.12pm
      Listened to Beta Binaural beats for 20 mins whilst reading
      Set up the app Dream:ON on my iPod for the Lucid Rainforest soundtrack
      Set the app's alarm to 6am
      woke up at 6, turned the alarm off
      slept again until 7.30am
      Tags: flying, park
    6. First Lucid In Months!

      by , 08-18-2012 at 08:20 AM
      I think I only managed this because I was discussing it with a friend during the day. But anyway, on with the show:

      I was in a huge city, not as big as London but a bit older. There were lots of old buildings around but then a tram line running right through the middle of it all. The sun was shinning and families and the people that lived there were milling around doing their jobs, it was actually quite busy. Then for some reason I started thinking about lucid dreaming, I looked around and noticed I wasn't anywhere I recognised. Then again that's pretty normal for me. I RC'd purely out of habit and it failed, I could breath. As I was about to walk off I realised, "woah woah woah wait what?! I can breath?! I'm dreaming!!!! ." But as I started to walk once more my vision went blurry which for me means the dream is collapsing. I hit the floor, desperate to keep this LD in one piece. As I felt the solid concrete beneath me everything became crystal clear. I could see every detail in everything, in fact I think I'd even go as far to say I could see better in this dream than in real life. The colours were so vibrant and stunning, I wanted to stay here forever. Knowing that not to be possible I decided to get moving and try some stuff.

      I stood up, first things first go back to basics. I shot up in the air as the knowledge of flying came flooding back. The last time I tried I was still learning but clearly I was done with the basics, I was flying like a pro! Once above the main level of the city I had a fly around both to get my bearings and to get used to being airborne. After some time when I'd got to know my way around a little I landed gently on the turret of a small castle within the city.

      Looking over the edge at the rather large drop to the ground I did another Reality Check just to be sure (even though I'd just flown ) again it failed and I could breath through my blocked nose. This was so strange, it all felt so real even down to the slight breeze passing over me. Not wanting to waste any more time admiring I took off again.

      This time I flew past a kind of half stadium, the crowd saw me and cheered wanting me to do tricks. Just having mastered normal flying I didn't want to fall and end up looking stupid so I just flew around a little bit. After a while I got bored of entertaining my own brain (they were all DC's after all). I landed nearby on the flat glass roof of what appeared to be some kind of mansion. I spotted something on the floor and out of curiosity I went to see what it was since dreams can conjure up strange objects. As I went over to it I lost lucidity I can't remember what the object was either. But I'm not complaining, it was my first LD in months and for a first one it was pretty amazing.

      Fragment: I was hiding behind a hedge from what I thought to be the police.

      What an amazing night

      Tags: city
    7. Got the hang of it now!

      by , 05-24-2012 at 06:39 AM
      I was at the radio station I work at, the boss came in and told me to do something for him. It was strange because all of the screens in the place had turned into those huge box tv's. By the time I was done it was *looks at watch* MIDNIGHT?! I was meant to be home hours ago!! I shot up out of my chair but then thought "Hang on a minute why on earth would I be here at midnight?" I RC'd (RC - 1 Point) I could breathe! I became lucid (Lucid - 5 Points) I ran outside in the hope to teleport and find my team mates. I tried one last time with the archers system (see previous dream in my workbook to see what this is) but to no avail. I set about trying to find a phone, (because that's how I teleport) stopping to think for a minute as to where one would be in a dream. I had an idea and set off towards the reception, unfortunately it was taking time so I used my new found power of super speed (Super Speed - 4 Points) and I was there in a second. Unfortunately I massively overshot the reception and ended up in a sweet shop. Here I got distracted and lost lucidity as I chewed quietly on the sweets I'd stole (I wouldn't really steal, but it's a dream and thought I might as well). Then the dream ended because my alarm woke me up (Full Dream - 1 Point)

      1x RC - 1 Point
      1x Lucid - 5 Points
      1x Super Speed - 4 Points
      1x Full Dream - 1 Point

      TOTAL = 11 Points
    8. Wow, what are these exams doing to me?!

      by , 05-23-2012 at 07:46 AM
      Despite being in the heat of exams right now I've been having more LD's then ever before! Here's the one from last nights adventures ;D

      I was lucid from the start of the dream which surprised me a little (Lucid - 5 Points) and I was at work. I then went upstairs to see what was upstairs and found row upon row of computers. I used them to design some stuff and the glanced out of the window. What should have been a sunset was actually an earthset, The earth was setting!! it was such a beautiful sight. Anyway I looked at the time, it was 7.20pm my last bus was at 6.20! I thought I'd try and text my mum to come and pick me up but then I ran into some friends. They were messing about with bins outside, clearly heavily intoxicated. Once I had got bored and moved on I looked at the time again to see it was 2pm the next day! I had been missing an entire day! I decided not to bother phoning or using the busses and to earn myself some points instead.
      I looked towards home and sped off, running at super speed (Super speed - 4 Points). I couldn't keep that up for long, it was very tiring. So I decided to fly instead (Fly - 4 Points) after a while though that got tiring too. I was very close to home and just thought "Screw home I'm getting more points!" I decided to summon my armour since it may come in handy. I said loudly "Archers armour, Release!" and blue crystals shot out of my chest, legs and arms as they completely covered me forming my armour (Basic summon - Now I don't know if this would be advanced summoning or not, but since it's my first time I'll put it at basic - 4 Points). Then I decided to try and teleport which I remembered held alot of points with it. I tried to summon the Archers system that would usually help me open teleports and things but it didn't appear so I decided to fly again (Fly - 4 points) unfortunately I knocked a few baubles off of this christmas tree I flew past which brought me to the ground. Giving up on flying I went and spoke to a DC (Interact with a DC - 2 Points) Then the dream ended. (Full Dream - 1 Point)

      1x Lucid - 5pts
      1x Super speed - 4pts
      2x Fly -8pts
      1x Basic summon - 4pts
      1x Interact with DC - 2pts
      1x Full dream - 1pt

      Basic summon +5 Points
      Super speed +10 Points

      TOTAL = 39 Points
      lucid , memorable
    9. 2 Lucids, one of them a WILD

      by , 05-20-2012 at 01:51 PM
      Okay so as it happened I woke up at 2 in the morning for some unknown reason. I decided to try a WBTB since I was up and awake. When I closed my eyes I saw nothing, I can't remember hallucinations or anything like that but I do remember feeling really really heavy. Next thing I knew I was in a dream, but not lucid.
      I was sat on top of two pillars which were on top of a huge red block/skyscraper, there were people below me all listening to me talking about 3D design.

      I tried to shift my position but misplaced my hand and fell backwards. I toppled over the edge of the skyscraper and fell to my to what I thought would be my death.

      I smacked into the top of the next skyscraper some distance below, I was alive! "That's strange I thought, lets do it again and try and find out why I'm not dead." I took a run up and launched myself off of the top of the skyscraper I was stood on. I plummeted towards what looked like four large pads in different colours

      and someone shouted to me from below "DON'T TRY AND HAVE A LUCID DREAM!" I instantly became lucid as I hit the ground (WBTB + WILD + Lucid = 11 Points) I then talked to the person that shouted to me

      I can't remember what was said though (Interact with DC - 2 Points)Then the dream ended. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I did not make the character in these shots, all credit goes to who made them! Also the person I spoke to did not look like that, it's just the only character I happened to have in my model library.

      In Dream 2 I was lucid from the start (Lucid - 5 Points) What was strange was that I was waste deep in snow! I thought "I am not wasting my precious time trying to walk through this!" So I thought I'd try to fly. I put my arms out in front of me and imagined me flying just like I'd been told to do. I shot up in the air at high speed, lost control and fell, landing face first in the snow. Dusting myself off excitedly I gave it another go, this time I was more gentle and managed to hover about 5 feet above the snow. Then I tried to move about, as I imagined it I flew forward slowly for a few metres. (Fly - 4 Points) Then the dream ended (Full Dream - 1 Point)

      Dream 3 was non lucid. I was in an RPG game with lots of death and snakes, I only just survived. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      1x WBTB - 3pts
      1x WILD - 3pts
      2x Lucid - 10pts
      1x DC Interaction - 2pts
      1x Fly - 4pts
      3x Full Dream - 3pts

      TOTAL = 25 Points
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Finally, a lucid!!!

      by , 04-24-2012 at 06:49 PM
      I became lucid from the start of the dream (Lucid - 5 Points) but I RC'd anyway just to make sure (RC - 2 Points). My first thought was to fly for some reason. I launched myself into the air and had the same problem as felicity, I floated slowly back down and hovered above the ground. I worked out that this was still flying and flew around for a bit (Flying - 4 Points). Then I lost lucidity and I ended up talking to some water and meeting a princess. The the dream ended. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I was on some kind of pirate ship and we were alerted to monsters nearby, but we couldn't see them. We were all given small communication devices and then sent down into the bowels of the ship. We found that there was a small hole where the monsters or in and took some of our supplies. We got rid of them an boarded up the whole just in time for the end of the dream. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I was making myself some toast and my toaster was acting strangely. Unfortunately I took no notice and happily munched through my toast in bed ^_^ then my cat came in and pulled the covers off of me, she wanted to go outside even though it was late at night. I was like -_- finnee but then when we got outside it was daylight and for some reason I decided o go exploring. I found a new geocache with some co-ordinates in it and I got really excited as I ran back home to see where the co-ords lead. Then I remembered that it was a Tuesday an I still had to go to college then the dream ended. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I was on my paper round and I couldn't quite make out one of the names on the papers. I asked a passerby and he had no clue either. Then his whole family came out and wished him happy birthday. I brought a card out of nowhere and have it to him before heading on my way. The dream ended shortly after with me still not having a clue who the paper was for. (Full dream - 1 Point)

      I also had a false awakening

      Lucid - 5 Points
      RC - 2 Points
      Flying - 4 Points
      Full dream x4 - 4 points

      TOTAL = 15 Points
    11. Yet another lucid?! This competition is working wonders for me!!!

      by , 03-22-2012 at 08:06 PM
      Here is is:

      I was wondering around my village and at the edge of my hearing I could hear music. I became suspicious and RCíd, (RC - 2 Points) I could breathe! (Become Lucid - 5 Points) I immediately stabilized (Stabilise - 2 Points) and just as I was about to attempt flying again the dream faded out and I woke up Fragment cause it's so short - 0.5 Points)

      So surprised I managed that much considering Iím still recovering from my night out. Canít remember any other dreams though

      RC - 2 Points
      Lucid - 5 Points
      Stabilise - 2 Points
      Fragment - 0.5 Points

      TOTAL = 9.5 Points
    12. I got another lucid!!!! well 2 actually :P

      by , 03-16-2012 at 08:54 AM
      I was in my back garden and had a suspicion that I was dreaming, I plugged my nose (RC - 1 Point)and I could breathÖÖÖYES I'M LUCID FOR THE 3rd TIME THIS WEEK!!!!(Lucid - 5 Points) I shouted. But I knew there was no time to waste so I stabilized the dream by running my hands along the ground and then I decided to try rubbing my hands together.(Stabilise - 2 Points) Both worked nicely but didn't increase the clarity too much. I then thought about what I wanted to do, well first would be to fly since I've never done that before. I looked to the skies, took a run up, felt the air rush against my face and then IÖ fell. Hmm maybe it takes a bit of practice I thought so I tried again and the same thing happened. Although it was like the gravity was a little less I still couldn't get airborne. I tried one last time and then gave up, oh well there was lots more stuff I could do instead. I had this instinct that the world was going to end so I decided to try and survive in my shed. I went in and found my friend G he'd had the same instinct. We decided to go out one last time to have a smoke (I don't even smoke -_-) as we left the shed we were barefoot and there was two inches of snow on the ground. We still walked through it but my feet were very cold. When we got back I noticed the the weather had become more tornado like. I decided to go outside and be the last broadcaster to go out (I work in radio). As I approached the center of my garden a mixing desk appeared with 3 microphones. I tested everything and decided that one of the mics wasn't loud enough. Ok let's not go along with the dream plot then, I saw my dad in the kitchen and he looked surprised to see me. I told him the one of the mics needs turning up (Interact with a DC - 2 Points) so he went and fiddled with it for a minute and then went back inside. As I was about to start broadcasting I heard a very loud roar. I looked behind me to see two huge passenger aircraft very low to the ground. I turned and ran, there was not enough time to do anything. I hid behind a hedge thinking I could survive, that was a mistake. One of the planes must have spun itself round because when I looked up one of the jet engines was right in front of me. I was sucked into the still spinning engine and killed instantly. The dream ended here.
      (Full dream - 1 Point)

      Then I had a FA where I woke up and it was 10.00am, I was late for work!!!!

      I was waiting for the bus and decided to do an RC to keep up my ADA, to my surprise I could breathe! (RC - 1 Point) I was lucid again! (Lucid - 5 Points) I got on the bus that had in the meantime arrived at my stop and went and sat at the front wondering what I could try. I looked to the back of the bus and saw J sat there complaining that the seat was really hot. Then the dream faded out and I woke up. I didn't try to stop it, I was ecstatic about what I'd managed in the first place. I woke up at 5.30am
      (Full Dream - 1 Point)

      Absolutely amazing night

      RC x2 - 2 Points
      Stabilise x1 - 2 Points
      Lucid x2 - 10 Points
      Interact with DC x1 - 2 Points
      Full dream x2 - 2 Points

      TOTAL = 18 Points
      lucid , false awakening
    13. Inception?!

      by , 02-22-2012 at 08:22 PM
      On the 21st I didn't manage any dreams

      ....but on the 22nd meanwhile I GOT LUCID!!! First things first though, the other dreams

      DREAM 1:
      I was on some kind of train and it was going into a train station. But there were no rails. I was with my family and we got off when it was parked which was in some kind of repair workshop. In the middle a large lifting claw was being built. When we left we entered a forest with loads of public walk ways and other people were there too. I'd been in the forest before but I can't remember where. The dream ended after walking round the forest for a bit.
      1 point here!

      DREAM 2:
      I was at R.Ds house and his dad answered the door. The it was as if the dream went "let's try that again" and I was back to where I was a few minutes ago. I did the same thing, knocked on his door, but I was with friends and my brother this time. His dad answered the door and the dog ran out to greet me, closely followed by R.D himself. We said hey to each other and then the dream ended.
      1 point here!

      THE LUCID!!!
      I was in my room and I went to bed and then to sleep, little did I know I was already dreaming. So I fell asleep in a dream and entered another dream. (INCEPTION!?)

      I was laid in the gravel on a driveway close to my target. The other members of my team were close by. Suddenly I saw something move on the property we were watching. I asked my team mates what it was and the said the enemy, 3 of them. We went onto the property and I suddenly had a gun in my hand, happily gunning down the enemy. Then more and more enemies arrived and I defeated them all. Then the ground turned soft beneath me and turned into a bouncy castle. I thought "hey this isn't normal" I BECAME LUCID. my first point of call was to stabilize because I knew time was running out. I touched the bouncy castle, felt the breeze on my face. The dream became so vivid and clear. It was amazing. As I walked across the bouncy castle I started to feel it fade. I let it go because my subconscious didn't seem to like the idea of me overdoing it in one go!

      I woke up from my dream (but I was still in my first dream!) I looked outside and my mum asked if it was snowing, I said no it was raining heavily. Then the water steered to leak through my windows! I went to fetch something to catch the water with. I returned with some kind of bucket full of sand, the minute the water hit the sand it started playing music. Weirdly enough I didn't think it was strange and carried on as normal. I tried to get the music to stop, or at least turn down but I couldn't.

      Lucid = 5 points
      Stabilise = 2 points

      All in all 9 points!
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. 22/01/12

      by , 01-22-2012 at 08:42 PM
      1. I was on mars, everything around me was covered in red dust. I was with my good friend O.DS along with some other people I didnít know. We turned around to see the mouth to a cave and since there seemed to be some kind of storm coming we went in. The cave was well lit with several torches on the walls and as time passed the storm died down. I decided to leave but for some reason I told my friend to stay, as I walked away she started to cry and saying ďdonít goĒ between sobs. I ignored her and walked across what looked like a bed of nails, surprisingly my feet stayed on top and I felt no pain. I looked back one last time to see my friend bawling her eyes out and pretty much screaming my name through her tears. I turned away and left the cave appearing once more on the surface of mars. (Full Dream- 1 point)
      (I felt like a complete monster when I woke up, I was a bit upset. Iíd never do that to any of my friends.)

      2. I was sat underneath some kind of shelf and there were cardboard boxes all around me. To my left one of the boxes was missing leaving a small window of which I could see out of. I looked out and I was in a isle of a warehouse, the lighting was not good but I could just make out a small robot next to me in the isle. A silhouette appeared a little way off and told me to give the robot a sample, I put a bit of food on my finger and nervously held it out to the robot. I said to the man that I didnít really trust any robots as the robot extended one of itís arms. The arm had what looked like a pin on the end, it hovered over my finger before carefully lowering the end of the pin into the small splodge of food Iíd put there. He asked me why I didnít trust robots, I canít remember what I said but then the dream ended.(Full Dream- 1 point)

      3. I was in a front garden and again walking on a bed of nails, again I didnít feel any pain. There was this black cat that kept running in front of me, so I put up a small white fence to stop it. The fence looked freshly painted and looked about 2 foot in height, I looked at the cat almost daring it to try, and sure enough the cat jumped proudly over the fence. Then the dream ended.(Full Dream- 1 point)

      4. My lucid! I was alone and everything around me was black, I was stood on nothingness and there was nothingness all around. I knew instantly that I was dreaming and very soon after the dream faded to black and I woke up. I think this is because I was near waking up anyway. ???(Lucid- 5 points)???
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Points for the 19/12/11

      by , 12-19-2011 at 11:25 AM
      1 Fragment
      2 Dreams:
      • A holiday thousands of miles away in the middle of dreamworld
      • Alien encounter

      I was given a large flatscreen tv. (Fragment- 0.5 points)

      Dream 1:
      I was in my house looking up at the stars, then an alien suddenly appeared next to me. It was short, only coming up to my knee cap and as the stereotype of aliens goes it had a huge bald head. I panicked and got scared, so I grabbed some bread and the key to my garage. I ushered it into the garage leaving the bread in there with it, then I shut the door and locked it.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      Dream 2: For this one I did a WBTB at 3.00am but it failed (WBTB attempt- 1 point)
      Me and my family went on holiday to a different country and I took lots of £1 coins for some reason. That night we went to a resturant and was allowed behind this curtain which only VIP's are allowed to go and get a free meal. We all sat down at a long wooden table along with several other people and food was put in front of us all. I got something made of batter (possibly a yorkshire pudding) and some meat that looked very similar to sausage meat. It didn't taste of anything. (Ate food- 4 points) My mother had two wine glasses in front of her; one with red wine in and the other containing white wine. She said the white wine tasted horrible compared to the red and she passed the glasses over for me to try. The red tasted normal if not with a slight hint of blackcurrent squash. Then I tried the white wine, it tasted awful and was like sipping at pure vinegar! I agreed with my mother and gave her the glasses back. I looked to my left to find that I could see straight into the kitchens, on one of the worktops was a large amount of fish piled high. They had no skin or scales, they only had bones and there was meat inside the cage of bones. So the fishes bones were on the outside and it had a kind of red meat on the inside where it's bones would usually be. One fish was still alive and was flopping about, then the chefs set to work and one of them grabbed the fish that was flopping about and ripped open it's outer skeleton to get at the red meat inside, it was killed instantly as the chef then pulled the meat out from the fish.
      Then the dream jumped to the next morning and I was going for my breakfast in the same resturant, again I was lead behind the VIP curtain, sat down at the table and given a free meal. I can't remember what I had to eat. Then the dream jumped once more, I was in a market place where for some reason I bought a large printer. The money being used by both me and the person selling me the printer, it looked like this:

      These were something I thought of in a daydream, not only do they show that you are an archer they show your level of accuracy, the aim is if you can flip the coin, fire an arrow and get it through the hole in the middle then you are a skilled archer. In this context though they were used as a currency.
      There was also what appeared to be a small box of cards but it was empty and had the number 92 on it. I think this represented a note, similar to a £5 note. Then workers started loading bits of this printer into the small truck next to me. there was one part that looked like an oversized grenade.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      I became lucid several times during the night, but the millisecond I realised I was dreaming I woke up. There was no time to panic or to stabilize so I'm not going to class those as lucid dreams. Oh well I'll have more tonight.
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