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    Bizarre Christmas Party

    by , 12-04-2012 at 08:40 PM (352 Views)

    1st Dream
    It is christmas at my grandparents house. Things are going pretty normal. I am lucid but not making anything really crazy happen because I am having a good time. I haven't got to spend Christmas with my whole huge family in a long time so it was fun to do. We are in my grandparents basement playing games. My cousin shows up late and wants to spread some christmas cheer. I'm down for that so we all go out caroling in the neighborhood although the only song we sing is Jingle Bell Rock. We do this for a while then head back to the house. It is snowing as we get back. My cousin says he wants to spread more Christmas cheer and I ask him how he wants to do that. He shows me sculptures of the heads of our family members who have died in the past 10 year. He wants to presenent them to the whole family. I luckily persuade him this is a terrible idea and we just rejoin the party.

    Later on everyone at the party starts giving me shit for no reason. I have lost lucidity at this point. I get really pissed at everyone because if this. For some reason now my buddy Kyle is there and he has a stolen weed plant he says he got from the neighbors yard. My mom does not approve. Everyone lines up to take a christmas picture and for some reason we decide the best way would be for everyone to do headstands. There were almost 40 of us there. I wish I had that picture for real.

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