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    Bunch of Randoms

    by , 12-04-2012 at 08:32 PM (341 Views)

    1st Dream
    I start off with a false awakening. My brother (who I do not live with) is in my room shaking me. At first I can't understand what he is saying. My parents burst into the room and start yelling at him for not doing his homework. Typical. I start to go through my old routine and actually wake up.

    2nd Dream
    I am in a garage and I become lucid. I decide I would really like to drive some sort of really fast car. I open the garage door and there is some crazy looking sports car sitting in the driveway. I get in and start to drive. When I get up a little bit of speed I think to myself, "there's no way you are gonna make that turn at this speed" and I didn't. Crash and burn. Damn self conscious

    3rd Dream
    I am at my grandparents house in their front yard and I am already lucid when the dream begins. I decide to try some summoning but cant manage to reach into my own pockets and pull out a pistol as I had hoped. I don't know why I always try to summon weapons. I guess summoning a lollipop or something seems a little underwhelming. Anyway I can't do it, but there is a girl DC that has been standing in the yard with me the whole time. She smiles at me and hands me a pistol. I shoot at mailboxes and then a deer. The deer turns to look at me, has the head of a girl, hisses, and runs away down the street. Fuckin weird. Next we go inside and my grandparents have a litter of puppies. I start petting them and naming them. They felt so real with heartbeats and all. Very vivid lucid. I wake up.

    4th Dream
    I am at SAMs club following a girl DC who is leading me through the aisles. She loses me and I decide to fly up to the ceiling to look for her. For some reason I can't do it and the dream starts to fade. I kneel down and touch the floor to try to maintain the dream. The floor changes into this fancy mosaic tile with amazing texture. I float off the floor and I am no longer in SAMs. I have no idea where I was anymore. The entire ground as far as the eye could see was covered in these multicolored mosaic tile pictures. I just floated along looking at them and it was incredible.

    5th Dream
    Short Lucid
    I become lucid in a strange building, kinda like a furniture store or something. I decide to try to walk up walls again to see if I can get better at it. I walk up the wall easily this time, but my perception of gravity changes to where the wall has become the source of gravity and everything in the store, including people, crashes to the wall I am standing on, which becomes the new floor. I awake right after that. Kinda cool though.

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