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    by , 12-04-2012 at 08:47 PM (351 Views)

    My brother is laying out by a pool in a storm. I have to go save him. A snake is about to bite him. I go to pick him up and the snake bits me on the throat. Son of a bitch. Wake

    My cousin invites a bunch of Amish people to his thanksgiving dinner. I am super drunk and cussing at everyone. The Amish are not thrilled.
    My two buddies Robby and Quentin get into a fight because somehow they are mortal enemies. I break it up.

    Stopped a robbery at a gas station. Everyone was speaking a different language than me. For some reason I think I was supposed to be in Brazil.

    I dive into a lake and can't find the surface. I realize I am dreaming and start breathing. I breath underwater and swim down. There is some sort of under water fort. I sneak around through it but don't see any crazy creatures. I go back outside on the castle walls and see an army of mermaid like fish people assembled outside the gates to the castle. I use some kind of force push with my voice and the are all sent head over heels out of my line of sight.

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