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    1. Awful, Superman? Science Center

      by , 11-14-2012 at 08:33 PM

      1st Dream
      Non Lucid
      This is probably the worst dream I have ever recorded. For some reason in this dream I killed my cousin and his new wife because I thought they were evil or something. It turns out my brother had set them up and he was the evil one. There was a long, drawn out horror story like battle with him. He hurts my mom really badly. The dream ends with my dad coming into the room and helping me carry her to the hospital. Pretty shitty dream overall.

      2nd Dream
      This dream was a Superman themed lucid. I was in some high school and I had to save a guy from falling off of a high dive to his death. This was made difficult because there were a lot of people watching this swim meet or whatever it was and I didn't want them to know my secret identity. I used some flying and telekinesis to save him and burned a hole in the wall with laser vision to escape detection.

      3rd Dream
      Non Lucid
      In this dream I was in some sort of science center on a school field trip. We were supposed to watch a movie but me and my buddy Trevor ended it missing it because instead of filling every seat they made people sit in every other seat and there wasn't enough room for us. So we went out and goofed around in the science center for a while. The teacher found out we missed the movie and got really shitty with us even though it wasn't our fault. Somehow the dream shifts to my grandmas house. I guess the teacher called her and she started giving me shit too. She then kicked over some sort of portable toilet and spilled piss all over the basement floor. Not sure what the hell this whole dream was about. Very surreal