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    Doctor's Dreams

    Dec 25

    by , 12-26-2010 at 07:24 AM (619 Views)
    I wrote this down on my ipod touch earlier then deleted it believing that I already posted so I'll give the short version since that's all I remember

    Greek Myths

    My mother was a teacher of Greek myth although in my dream, greek myths were actually the history. They became gods that we made statues of. I learned how to make a bust of one out of aluminum. I went into my mom's lecture class and showed her, interrupting the class. Every student left. I then remembered my improv team had a show. I forgot this stole a t-shirt and on the way to running to my car, ran into the rest of the team in the cafeteria. I ate some fries...

    That was the speed version

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    non-lucid , memorable