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    1. Oct 26

      by , 10-27-2010 at 02:56 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Dinosaurs Must Die

      AT was at some day camp. I think I was a counselor or something. The building's insides were a friendly white with a pale blue rim and there were kids running around everywhere. I went to a room with 2 of my friends, peter and another. This room looked a lot like my old room and the lights were off. We were joking about knives and while they were taking there's out to brag about I just felt that mine was in my back pocket. The lights were off but there were tons of ambient light. I turned around and saw a shadow of someone holding a formidable blade coming from the bathroom door. I laughed uncomfortably. I halfway try to get the others to shut up but they keep talking. Out of the bathroom busts a veloceraptor my height and rushes towards Peter. The other friend is no one where to be seen. The raptor bites peter and he started to cry. It looks at me and rushes. After taking out my knife, trying to stab in in the face, and my knife falling from my grip, I catch its head in my hands and its jaws, annoying close to my face, snap wildly. I, push back, diving to the floor and taking it with me. I then couldn't think of what to do so I started bashing its head against the tile of the bathroom. I kept doing so until I felt its brain start to leak out of the back side of his skull. Finally, I stopped, put the head down and watched. After only 5 seconds or so, the still body reanimated it self with fierceness. I ran out of the bathroom, and while closing the door, caught its head within the door and the doorframe. I pull hard, watching it writhe, until its head popped off and fell to the floor. With that I ran out of the room.

      Next I can remember, I went out of the building, found a red sports car and started driving fast. I was in a heavily wooded area with an established highway with enough traffic, I had to weave. Soon from the forest a giant t-rex came out and started chasing me in the car. I arrive at a building and run in. It's a giant court room. When I say giant, I mean that instead of pews or seats for people to watch, there's a balcony of unimaginable space. Everything was elevated seriously high and everything had stairs that lead up to it. It went so high that when I made it up the stairs to the lowest thing, the judges chair and defendant seat, I was just to the top of the T-Rex that just busted in. There were others in here with me, all just as scared. The first target was a blonde, it snapped her up easily. Next it went for me, but when I dodged it it just got whoever was behind me...a fat guy. Water was starting to fill in the room too...I climbed up to higher levels of the courtroom. Few people are following me and the T-Rex is swimming the the ever deepening water that's filling up the room. We get higher and higher in the balcony and then at one point I'm climbing up onto a rotting wooden banister left unkempt at the nosebleed heights. The water stops and somehow I get the Idea that I could do this forever. But then I remember...This T-rex is a reptile, which means it'll lay eggs, and those will come after me...This was a horrible realization.

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