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    Oct 21

    by , 10-22-2010 at 05:03 AM (760 Views)
    I Wanna Be Forever Young

    I was pretty much director of music at a musical performance that we had going. We were in a giant white circus tent and in between scenes, the pep band would play different songs. I had transcribed a song that I wanted them to play, "Black and Gold to the Superbowl" and was waiting for the OK to play that. I snuck around so that I could watch a little bit of the play and when I could see on stage there was a fat ugly lady who was blue and had a horrible chin. I remember the chin was especially bad. Someone behind me said they couldn't wait til the scene with the lesbian knife fight. Apparently this was a popular musical in the World. I hope that the fat lady is in make up because of her chin and I agree with the anticipation for the cat fight. I walk out of the tent and make my way back to the band stand when parents stop me and tell me that they enjoy the job I'm doing. I thank them. Almost back, Adam runs up to me and at the same time a loud blaring alarm goes off. He says that something electric had exploded and caused a fire in the tent. Suddenly everything I see bursts into flames and I watch the sky go red. We ran through the flames trying to get to a clear place but the giant circus tent was surrounded by a high chain link fence. We find at one of the fences, a small kids play ground I say that we can climb on this and then use it to jump to the other side. I show an example by jumping off the side but not jumping over the fence. He tries it and hurts his leg. I climb back on top of the playground and find a place where the fence is bent so that we could crawl through but it was in a small gap in the playground. We're crawling through and we both sorta have a hard time to it. He starts crying and the sky gets a little less red and acoustic guitar music is in the background. He started bawling about how life was easier when we were younger. A singer accompanies the music in the background that was sorta a rip of Forever Young. I start crying too and we lay there probably soon to be dead.

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    1. epdawg62's Avatar
      lesbian knife fight... ha! my kind of play