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    Doctor's Dreams

    Oct 28

    by , 10-29-2010 at 03:10 AM (454 Views)
    Auto Christian vs Medical Christian

    I was at some sort of christian camp and we (me some smaller kids, and a black guy counselor with a goatee). There had just ended a party of some sort and my friend, Peter, was there. We went outside to talk some more as a group. Outside was large forested area with legit cement roads. We had stepped out of a large white tent. There were tons of people walking around besides us. A little girl rode past us on a bike and I hit her and took it from her. Everybody looked at me and asked why but I just sped off as fast as I could. I sped around for actually a good 10 minutes or so and the whole group chased me around. When I stopped at the bottom of a hill, it took me by surprise when the little girl was the first to catch up to me closely followed by peter and then the rest of the group. We all accepted this as normal and then we started a lesson about Christians. In the world, there were 2 types: Medical and Auto Christians. I asked what was the difference and the counselor said that the Auto Christian had to put down a down payment on a car before joining any type of activity. This made sense at the time. He then read a bible verse about cheating on your spouse that went something like this. "Therefore whoever goes all the way to Palestine for a whore instead of using locals has another cherry to pick after human judgement..." Hint: Not a real verse.

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