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    Puffy Cats

    by , 08-09-2013 at 02:05 PM (349 Views)
    So I'm starting this again (again).

    This one was short since I decided to write it down an hour after waking.
    I was at some theater party. We were all at some very expensive house that was modern with lots of concrete and stairs and awkward levels everywhere. The main actor was a guy I sorta knew and half of the guests were others from my school who I sorta knew and everyone else was a mystery to me. Most people there seemed to be 4 years or so older than me. It was night time and the house was next to the water, as in out f several doors you stepped out onto a cement dock. There were 2 incidents where cats walked out and fell into the water for various reasons. As soon as they hit the water they would become as stiff as a board and their fur would expand like a mini airbag. They would stay there and float. I went out to get one and as soon as I came in range of a cat, the closest car snapped to my shirt, slightly scratching my chest. I was kinda freaked out to grad the rest of the cat. I woke up.

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    Tags: cat, fever, scratch
    non-lucid , dream fragment