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    1. Jan 4

      by , 01-05-2012 at 02:37 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I Got A Brick (FRAG)

      I was back in college but it was very confusing because nothing resembled campus and that was very noticeable. My girlfriend wasn't there and that was really bugging me also so I was constantly thinking about her. I then tried to figure out something to do since she was not there so I could fill in my time. I remember I was wearing my green windbreaker sweats and boots. I pulled out both of my pant legs and my calf tattoo was showing but for some reason it felt uncomfortable. (I've noticed in my DJ hiatus that a dream sign is when my tattoo looks weird or is fuzzy). I then went on an adventure to find the mail room and I walked into Walking around trying to find the mail room. I then ran into jordan (not sure which one) and one of his friends. I thought that was weird, especially because in this reality of my college there was an upperclassmen side and an underclassmen side and they were on the upperclassmen side. That side was a strange throw up yellow paint on a strange bare feeling cement architecture. I kept walking and saw a guy with a sunflower tattoo on his right arm (he was wearing a wifebeater) I kept going in search of the mail room and ran into Austin C and one of his friends. They were talking about a recruit from the first week of school and I couldn't remember who they were talking about. More walking. The sole of my right boot started peeling off. Austin is gone now. I keep going on my search which leads me to an underground tunnel thing. It was all painted a strange blue and it was still weird barren cement architecture. I finally get to the room which is considered the mail room. There is an old lady, fat and hunch back and she either has a mask on or she is actually a monster. I talk to her about trying to find my mail and she laughs, wanders to the back of the room, and comes back with a thick envelope. I open it up and its a brick. We joke, we laugh.

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    2. Aug 27 pt 2

      by , 08-28-2011 at 12:22 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Drinking and Bad Omens (FRAG)

      I was drinking a lot, outside, and there was something about bad omens.