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    Elephant Eggs

    by , 03-23-2018 at 10:21 AM (281 Views)
    It all started normal, just a random dream where elephant eggs (looked like big frog eggs) were the best thing to eat, it was some chinese food but amazing. So after a while the eggs were gone, I went home to my computer and did some stuff. And all of a sudden an add opened, not a normal add because I got sucked in. And I was in the totally different world all fucking weird so I closed the tab and it opened another one, I got sucked in and now Im playing a role in a movie but were doing everything wrong. After a while of this it got a bit scary and I closed all the "ads". I went outside, to the chinese bar. This time a different one and they didnt have the elephant eggs either. Went back home and opened another "ad" this time it was called metal. I was there with some friend very high in a skyscraper but it was under construction so it was from top to bottom all the way these metal constructs for the workers to stand on. Then ofcoard the bars broke down and we fell kept falling and landed on a still steady bar. One of the workers said fuck this and broke another bar, we fell flattened to the ground, not dead tho. Stood up, went to the chinese restaurant and it was allngone, not gone but an explosion happened(gewijzigd)
    I went upstairs to see survivors then to the roof still nothing. I wanted to go back but then I heard a noise, an elephant was stuck inside, we helped it and got it to the sea and dropped it in. The shore wasnt really a shore, it was this stone platform like 15 square meters. When we dropped the elephant in I went in with it. (Normally Im quite afraid of shallow waters). I went ib with it to the depths and then I went back up with a harpoon. That I shot to go at immens speeds.when I got back on the platform I asked the elephant for some eggs. It said "no... please dont.." so I didnt and went back home. I opened another ad and I was back at the construction skyscraper so this time I took everyone who was there and held them tight to a rope where we did a "deathride" till the platform again. I closed the tab and did it again. This time with firearms and there were sort of zombies everywere so I said to everyone, WE CAN DO THIS. Me and my friends were all in but our "vip" wasnt. I convinced him and we went. Shooting down and bombing all these zombies. When we came at the platform we threw some c4 and blew them all up. One of the guys was hurt so i took him behind some sort of crates but black and gave him some of my candy to cheer him up. After a bunch of fighting it was all over, on the way back home I realised I was in a dream but things went crazy. Everything went black and I got in sleep paralysis I think. All of a sudden I was back in the dream without knowing Im in one anymore. And whilz walking back home I remembered that I was sucked in these ads so I closed them all which took me a while. The end.

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