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    by , 04-21-2018 at 09:11 AM (367 Views)
    Im at Dusty Depot, its a place with 3 hangars and we live in the first one. Its a sunny day and were doibg our daily stuff.

    In the past I transformed my brother into a sea dragon and thats where he lives now.

    One day I decide to go to the 3rd hangar. Its the hangar where the king lives. When I enter they imediatly grab me and put ly on one of the 5 poles. Its a game where we all die eventually so after a certaint amount of tile I run and jumo into the water thats surrounding the Dusty Depot like it was an island.

    I land in the water and I cant breath even though it a dream. I go back up to get some air and swim away underwater. When underwater I meet my long lost brother sea dragon and right before he kills me he recognizes me and throws me around a bit with that laugh.

    I come back home but Im on the wanted list now, they want to make a hole in ly nose to put solething trougj and I dont want that. So when the king comes to inspect I kill him and get some good loot from him.

    We dress as the king and his servant and go to depot 3. We enter and theyre all reliefed their king is back, I go to the back and play some games but I go to far and they want to kill me again since Im not allowed in that area.

    Try number 2, we kill the king fuhrer abd I get amazing loot. When I want to go to depot 3 they already set up an army and arent stopping so I try to kill some buts its oike an army of eggs with shields all around and spears.

    I use the kings staff and "the storm" comes from all sides and erases the army. end

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