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    [September 1, 2016] Finally, another break-through

    by , 09-01-2016 at 10:43 PM (286 Views)
    (This may be a repost, my previous entry does not to appear to have posted though)

    After weeks, maybe months of no Lucid activity finally one has shown up once more. It was basically an accidental WILD.

    So I fall asleep and am immediately brought into the dream world lucid. I am sitting cross-legged in a grass field that has been well kept/mowed. The grass is a dark but vibrant green. There is a heavy overcast causing the whole dream to look like a dark cloudy day. I am not aware of the far surroundings. As I sit cross-legged, I also feel the sensation of weight in my lap, but there is nothing visible there. It feels like latex filled with water. When I push down on the invisible sack I can feel it with my hands, the rubber stretching inward and the water moving around and shifting weight. I decide to try to make this object visible. I concentrate really hard on the task and surely enough the object becomes slowly more visible from a faded outline to the full object. Oddly I find that it is actually a condom full of water and tied off. I push it off my lap and it begins to increase in size, now larger than I so I try to open it to pour the water out. When I open it, the liquid stays inside, even when I pull the opening to the ground. The water appears to be held inside by some sort of invisible force. I go to stick my feet into the wall of water but all of a sudden I feel the dream begin to collapse, soon I see nothing but a blank light gray nothingness and I am awake again.

    A rather odd lucid dream, it only lasted about 30 seconds but it was fun to interact with objects and play with the dream world's differing physics.
    First time creating an object l concentrated on.

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