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    Another Outlast Dream (horror themed)

    by , 03-03-2015 at 04:52 PM (782 Views)
    Another Outlast dream

    This dream was lengthy but i can only recall the last bit of it. I was in a very large building that looked like a mansion but was set up most likely as an asylum. Where i started i had one of the crazy people chasing me already. One of them was an actual character from outlast named Chris Walker. For those wanting a description he is a very big rather muscular ex-military police patient at an asylum(Mount Massive Asylum). He wears chains wrapped around his ankles, wrists and waists. He has military boots, camo pants and no shirt. His face has been self mutilated to where his nose is basically non existent, his lips are gone and can see his teeth showing, and he tore up the skin on his forehead, claiming it helps him see with the 3rd eye. The patients of the asylum, as they are from the actual story, are forced into dream therapy and have lucid dreaming tasks as tests for them, as well exposed to a series of images on a loop for hours that makes them very violent. He has a lot of blood around the chained areas that are not his own. So you get the idea.

    Walker is only trying to kill me, nothing else. I started the recall in a open, empty room with nothing to hide in so i decided to make a run to cover. The building interior had only natural light and a lot of open ceilings and walls to let light in. The walls were a tan color. It was late afternoon and the sun would be down soon. When i decided to find a new hiding spot i could hear Walker talking to himself about finding me. I ran down a short wide hallway into a room with a few lockers here and there and nothing much else in the room. It was a dead end! there was no other rooms to go in, just a small balcony. I ran to the small balcony with a single locker in the center of it and decided to hide there. I could see before entering the locker we were in a jungle area, lots of lush green plants surrounded the building. Walker enters the room and i watch him through slits on the locker. He walks past every locker in the room except Sure enough Walker didn't check any other locker except the one i was hiding In! He opened it and grabbed me out of the locker, stared at me face to face as he held me a few inches off the ground, and threw me a few feet across the room and proceeded to walk over to me. I had to run quick or he would get me and that would be it for me. But that is when the dream faded. Throughout the dream i never really felt much or any fear.
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      Chris walker seems like a really scary guy,. (O - - O)"