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    (march 11, 2015) driving, vault, darkness

    by , 03-11-2015 at 06:20 PM (288 Views)
    I had started out at my younger brothers school, not sure if I had drove there or just started the dream there. I think i had seen this place before though. I was in the cafeteria, and there was a long line of options to pick from. the room already had people sitting down and no one was in the line. The room looked like a lot of other high schools, varying colors of white and tan floor tiles that were waxed over. boring wall paint of the same colors. I was looking for my brother here and I found him shortly after waiting. we both got pizza in the lunch line and it took forever so they gave us a free sandwich. next thing i knew, my brother was driving my truck and i was in the back seat having a completely different sandwich. i got mad for some reason and threw it but decided i should probably clean it up. all of a sudden i was driving a GMC acadia, except this ine had a turbo charger and i would zoom by traffic. i almost hit a car at a red light but i pulled to the side and was safe. then everything turned black, but i was still driving. i tried turning on the headlights but they didnt help much. and once again a was in a completely new place with no transition. i was in a dark vault but decided to imagine a window and it worked, though i was not lucid. i tried opening the door with the puzzle on it but could not, i lock picked it instead and it opened up into a house. i think we were kept hostage there at first, but soon after my friends were there and everything seemed to be ok. there was one thing, apparently my friend also, who had the body of a man but the head of a pig. very strange and how did that not make me question my reality? i dont know.

    this one i kept a bit short due to time constraints, maybe ill edit it later to add detail. got two midterms and after that st. Pats week will kick off!

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