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    1. [January 13, 2016] More orca

      by , 01-13-2016 at 02:09 PM
      Had a great non lucid last night. I was a marine park, not my favorite place to see the orca since I am anti captivity but at least I got to see them. It was a long dream too. I spent a lon time just looking at them casually swim by. Various orca were there from young to old. I just sat by the waters edge an watched, perfectly content to just stay there for hours and watch.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. (September 23,2015) Destiny, and a dragon

      by , 09-24-2015 at 01:02 AM
      Trying to get back into dreaming stuff.

      So im writing this a little bit late, but its better than not writing it at all.

      I find myself in some sort of futuristic building, with blue lights around me in tight hallways. I have a red and blue shot gun in my hands as I am in danger. Servitors from the game destiny, appear and tha map goes into lockdown, sounding alarms and closing certain path ways. I fight the servitors with my shotgun successfully and fight my way out into what looked to be a junkyard full of old metal and trash. when I walk out of the building, the exit is very tall and wide, and then a dragon appears at the exit after I have left and it sees me. I quickly run behind a pile of metal as it starts breathing fire outward towards me. I can see the flames shooting around the pile of metal I am hiding behind and I can feel the heat of the flames. I then wake.
    3. (September 22, 2015) Lucid #6

      by , 09-22-2015 at 01:01 PM
      Almost missed recalling this one. I was in a school, me and my brother began wrestling around and next thing we knew, we were in a wooden box of some kind. I kicked out the side of the box and we both were now in a sunny field with a small house behind us. I then realized how strange it was that we were just in a school, and now nowhere near a school anymore and I told my brother we were in a dream. I kept calm and did not lose the dream to "darkness", however I lost my lucidity fairly quickly. I am still happy I had one since my recent long steak of none. I am a little out of practice. There were other dreams as well like me going around a school as a "guard" with a glock 19.
    4. (July 18, 2015) Orcas #5, Family of Orca

      by , 07-18-2015 at 02:35 PM
      This dream had an incredible scene. I was by the waters of the Pacific Northwest Unites States by the water. I think I was in a cove or maybe by a saltwater "river". The clouds would roll in and out making it sunny or cloudy at any given moment. The landscape was beautiful pine forests with a sandy shore in some places and rocky in others. the water was slightly stained. I was in a small cove when I spotted a pod of orca milling(playing) in the area. I got so excited I almost jumped. There was a raised wooden viewing platform and I immediately went over to it to get a better view. On my way up the stairs an orca was splashing enough water to send some of it over to me as i climbed the stairs. It was a spectacular sight looking out. Watching this family of orca swimming, playing, and socializing with each other. The family bonds so obviously strong in this pod. Most of the orca swam down river but one decided to stay, I think maybe for me. It played around right in front of the stand as if to show me some things. It was a massive orca, the biggest of all the family rolling on its back and sending water everywhere with powerful inverted tail lobs slapping the water with powerful force. I wanted to go see the whole family and I began to walk down river to where they had begun playing again. Walking down the rocky part of the beach I looked out over the water. I could not believe where I was. As i got to the sandy side of the beach I also was in the forest now by the water. Two adult orca were laying in the sand looking across the water. I walked up in between the two and they both looked back at me. I was slightly nervous being near there tail knowing one blow could knock me unconscious. I got near there mid sections and petted them both at once but they rejected it and slid back into the water. With my confidence hurt I went to the waters edge where a smaller one was playing by the shore. I reached down to pet it but it quickly made an effort to swim away. Now I was getting a little disheartened until finally a small calf swam over to me, excited to see me. It rolled around and let me pet it for a bit. We looked right in each others eyes and all I saw was joy, playfulness, and curiosity. It was not afraid. I was over-joyed with finally getting to interact with one. I understand this is never my choice, the orca will always determine whether or not they want to interact with people an i have no choice but to respect their decisions; but i'm glad the calf gave me a chance to interact with it, I feel honored. It swam away back to its family and I watched a little bit longer. Sad they were all leaving but happy I got to see them. That was the last I saw them.
      Tags: family, joy, ocean, orca, pod, water
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. (june, date unknown, 2015) Orca #1

      by , 06-27-2015 at 05:22 AM
      Hi, figured having only listed orca dreams 2-4 was a bit confusing so better late than never, here is #1.

      Well, i cant really remember much. literally only one picture of seeing one orca on a concrete floor alongside a pool at likely a aquarium. not much, but now we have a source for #1

      Note, these arent all the orca dreams ive had. ive had only like 2 that i can recall before june 2015. I probably had more but it was before my active involvement with my dream life. so I decided to start officially numbering them now, starting with #1 at the beginning of june 2015.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    6. (June 25, 2015) Orca #4, Open Wide

      by , 06-25-2015 at 11:13 PM
      Just a short dream fragment. I can not remember where I started or where I ended in the dream, just a small piece from the middle of the plot. An odd dream, but odd dreams usually make for a good read.

      I was at some sort of pool or aquarium. There was a lot of white concrete and blue water inside the room I was in. It looked similar to an indoor pool set up. It was daytime I believe. An Orca and I were out of the water on the concrete floor just hanging out near the waters edge. We were the only ones there. It was a relatively smaller orca. Probably measuring about 15-17 feet. Small dorsal and pectoral fins. Judging by the overall length and fin sizes I am going to guess it was most likely female. This time the external patterns was correct; the eye patch was right, the saddle patch was normal looking, the underside white, and all the black was right (The orca in the previous dream had a unusual and unique pattern). The first place I remember standing during this fragment was by the orca's tail. I walked up in front of her and we exchanged looks. Her mouth was partially open and I wondered if she was going to eat me. She then opened her mouth wide open. My curiosity took over a bit as I walked up to her and peered into her mouth, observing. Instead of the normal pinkish color with black spots on the roof of the mouth, it was all completely white like the white on the outside of her body. I noticed it seemed odd but I did not become lucid. I leaned in, over her bottom jaw till my shoulders were hovering over her tongue. I leaned in far enough to lose my balance and I fell down on my chest onto her tongue. Before I could do anything I was swallowed in the blink of an eye. It was immediately dark and I could feel myself sliding down her throat unable to move. I came to a halt, now stuck in her stomach. It was dark, cramped, and soft, but it wasn't wet like I imagined it would be, only a little damp. it was a tight squeeze. I was curled up with my knees up to my chest and head pointed down. I was wondering how long I would be stuck here. Only 10 seconds passed by and suddenly she pushed me out of her body. I was back in the pool room again on the ground, unharmed throughout the whole thing. It all happened so fast I was still trying to comprehend what just occurred. Orcas are very social animals and I think she was afraid to lose her only companion there(no one else was there), despite it(me) not being another orca. Before I could stand back up the dream recall ended.

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    7. (June 20, 2015) Orca #3, Wild Orca

      by , 06-20-2015 at 03:07 PM
      For the record, it was painful to wake up and realize this was only a dream. I have not actually seen a real living orca yet sadly

      I was in the back seat of a white Chevy Suburban with my step-grandfather driving and step dad in the passenger seat. we were driving at night over a bridge over the ocean in a coastal region, perhaps florida, when I look out over the water and see a pod of Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) coming up for air, swimming along the bridge. I immediately got excited and shouted "Look there are Orcas swimming" or something along those lines. I then repeatedly and seriously told the driver "stop the car" "stop the car" and he started to slow down but never stopped, so I ended up opening the door while we were still moving and hopped out. I stumbled across the ground a short distance before running over to the side of the bridge. I laid down on the bridge and looked into the dark water.

      A curious orca calf surfaced to see what I was. I reached down for it trying to pet it, positioning myself closer to the water until i strained to far and fell off the bridge into the water with it. I touched it, but I had to get myself up right after my fall. I searched the water for a while around where i fell and could not see the orcas much. I swam over to a small sandy island, about 50 feet or so in diameter, so it was small. It had a lone palm tree leaning down over the sand and a small sand dune. I was in a bay area, with houses above sea walls around the waters of the island. It was now mid day suddenly. The orca swam around the water and the biggest one came onto the sandy island about half way. I approached it and it made a hissing noise at me, followed by showing me it's teeth. I was a bit startled and I stumbled backwards and fell on the sand about 3 feet away where he stared me down for a period of time presenting his teeth as if to warn me. Neither of us moved for a good 30 seconds. I felt a bit scared and surprised. I finally had the courage to stand back up and walk back. It swam off around the island before eventually coming back on the island under the palm tree and just relaxed. I stood there and watched it for a moment, observing the orca before walking up to it and touching its tail. It seemed surprised and worked its way back into the water quickly. It swam around the island once more. I stood on the small island and simply watched it swim by. It came back onto land this time about halfway looking at me with a weary look, as if trying to tell me it needed help. I thought it was probably hungry and decided to find food for it. when I got back into the water everything turned dark again and I quickly found some sort of prey, maybe a stingray. I took a small spear about the size of a knife and jabbed into it, bringing out of the water and back to the island. It was day again on land. I walked over to the orca, took the ray off the knife, and placed it in the orcas mouth. I was finally able to stand next to it and pet it. It now trusted me more and I could feel it. I then woke up

      The orca had a pattern that was not a normal pattern. I also do not know what gender it was, but its tall dorsal fin suggests it was a male. It had a white mosaic looking pattern on its tall dorsal fin and some white tribal art work "dash" line around its eye. everything else seemed correct though.

      Side notes for viewers:
      Orcas around the U.S. west coast and New Zealand coasts are low in numbers. With about 80 Souther Resident Killer Whales(SRKW) on the U.S. west coast and less than 200 around New Zealand. There are other groups in danger as well. They are an endangered species. The Southern Resident population took a major blow back in the 70's where seaworld and other marine parks hired divers and boaters to capture and take away orca calfs from their family right in front of them. 45 captured and at least 13 were killed in the process. These sentient and highly intelligent animals have very strong social and family bonds. of the 45 captured from the southern residents, only one is still alive. Lolita at Seaquarium, forced to work multiple shows a day in a small tank with no cover from the sun.

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    8. (June 13, 2015) Orca #2 Its was only a dream?!?! Nooo!

      by , 06-13-2015 at 02:20 PM
      In this dream I was at some sort of sea world facility with my brother and we were trying to go see the killer whales. We were allowed into a indoor room with a pool that contained one of the orcas. The trainer there was nice enough to let us back there by the pool. I could see the orca swimming around and I really wanted to see it. I lay down next to the water of the pool and the orca jumps out of the water right next to me and I am able to pet it. Its skin is wet and feels a little damaged, probably due to being captive at a park(I do NOT agree with orca captivity). I just hang out with it for a decent amount of time there by the pool. I don't want to leave it but after about 10 minutes it decides to go swim in the water. I try to call it back but it is busy doing it's own thing. We open some underwater gates to see if the other orcas will come into the main pool to see us but no luck.

      That has been the highlight of my dreams lately, and I was a bit sad waking up to find out it was just a dream.

      havent updated in a while but this dream was important to me so i really wanted to share and archive it.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    9. (April 8, 2015) Scary stuff

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:20 AM
      Late entry, but late is better than never.

      first dream i was in some sort of tall building out on a balcony, scenery resembled old town from the game dying light. I look across about 100 yards away from the balcony, a small concrete bunker on a cliffside. I tell the group of people i am with i want to go there to meditate to improve my dream abilities and they laugh at me but i go anyway. I go into the bunker down an open hatch on the roof, down a all concrete staircase into a all concrete room with some yard supplies. i forget wy i am there and I grab a wheel barrow and collect some things. i go deeper into the bunker and end up in the finished basement of my old house, but it is dark. It is a room with the staircase in the middle dividing it into two sections of room. one with carpet and one with tile, and "tongue and groove" wood walls. I feel fear for some reason and leave. i go out the basement, back up the concrete stair entrance leaving the wheel barrow at the base of the stairs. i turn for a moment and stare at it, and it suddenly get thrashed, flipping over spilling all its contents, like something from a ghost movie and i very quickly run away from there. i am now all the way down the mountain on the road, with no transition between the two. I am talking to my friend somewhat frantically about the incident.

      I wake up, throat dry so i grab the water next to me. forgot to do at least a basic wbtb.

      This dream below would have been more complete had i wrote it down this morning.

      I am in a classroom. its dark colored, faded wallpaper, really run down. The teacher decides to showcase a video of what i had done earlier in the dream, except instead of watching it the dream changes and I am now living this scene. I am in a very dark house, or asylum, or building, not quite sure but go with the flow. There are a series of long long dark hallways and the power is out. It is storming outside and lighting lights the room every once in a while. I see the silhouette of a ghost in one of the flashes, wait a minute and walk down the hallway to see it. now my family appears with me, but quickly disappears when i look down the next hallway. i assume the ghost did something. I see old t-shirts on the ground and pick them up thinking i may need them. The lightning flashes again, i see the ghost again at the end of the hallway and i start to run straight for it this time, it goes down the next hallway 90 degrees to it. there is another shirt at the intersection and i pick it up, look up to see the ghost flying at me. I have no time to react and it stops me. it is a pale older woman, wearing all gray dull clothing. she has no pupils, the dead eyes completely white. then the dream ends

      usually dreams of horror themes never bother, gotta say these two in a row made me a bit skittish in my dreams. they usually help me become lucid, resizing this isnt real, but not this time!
    10. (march 31, 2015) Squirrel hunt

      by , 04-01-2015 at 02:02 AM
      Late entry, but better than nothing.

      I was outside on a cool spring day, in someones back yard of their house. i was at the edge of their property where there was a chain link fence with some pine trees lining it on either side. the grass was well cut, but not very vividly green. it was later in the evening, the sun was going down, the orange rays of the sun going down across the land. I had a all black pellet gun, and was trying to shoot a squirrel that was on one of the trees. I missed a few shots but got up close an finally got it. it fell quickly. I picked it up and tossed it over the chain link fence. over the fence was an immediate slope down to the road and the squirrel fell in the open, i was worried some one would see and i hoped over to move it down into the bushes.

      very short, yet very vivid dream. remembering it feels as thoug i was there 5 mins ago.
    11. (March 18, 2015) Camping (tried to be detailed) (fragmented memory)

      by , 03-18-2015 at 03:13 PM
      I remember around the beginning and end of the dream but am forgetting a lot of the details throughout. I remember driving my truck out in the back country somewhere, driving down a dusty dirt road, a few trees scattered through-out with tall grass of slightly varied shades of greens and a few dried up patches. the time of day was either sunrise or sunset, but it looked as though the sun was setting, and the warm orange/yellow light of the sun was cast out upon this hilly field. at the end of the straight part of the dirt road it started winding at a downward angle to the left abruptly. When we(cant remember who) reached the bottom of the curved dirt road slope I parked the truck and we got out. the scene changed a lot in random order but the general area never changed location. when we got out of the truck the first time, it was getting fairly dark out, so most of the plains were darker by now. the camp site we stopped at was a small basin ("bowl" shaped depression in the earth) with a flat bottom filled with sand. some of the walls were exposed sandstone and were probably weathered to form the sandy floor. I dont know when or how, but the scene changed. it was now mid afternoon, and the camp site we were at was now deeper underground, you could still see out but it was farther in the earth and looked partially underground now like a cave. we looked around the area, i thought to my self "many other people have been here before us" because i saw some areas that were covered in piles of trash and there was some graffiti. we decided to move to a clean spot and set up camp. we were still on the sandy floor of where ever we were. I set up a single-man orange tent next to a sandstone wall. the others had set up across from me about 15 feet away. at some point we walked into a small cave passage, and the details escape me but we got to a point where we were looking out a long glass pane attached to the sandstone rock, from in the cave and we saw someone at our camp. i thought to myself i dont want him looking through my stuff because i didn't want my gun and sunglasses taken. we got back to the camp site, i grabbed my stuff out of my green back pack. I made sure i had the items. a black m9 hand gun, and my purple and yellow knockaround sunglasses. all was well and we were going into our tents to sleep. i got in my tent, and it was now pitch black out. and that is where that dream ended.

      another fragment, i was in my room collecting coins from my desk area. my desk is in a small section of my room where it pushed outside a bit, the desk is mounted to the wall, has a tempered glass top over it, and there is a big window on the wall in front of it that it is against. i pick up a blue coin, and a white coin, and some kid is talking to me about how he pre-ordered a game for x-box. i told him it sounded cool, then my alarm woke me.
    12. (March 15, 2015) Squirrel, Sneaking into base

      by , 03-15-2015 at 07:06 PM
      I missed recall the past few days. It was st.Pats here and it gets a little crazy.

      today I had a few fragments, one I remember almost the whole dream but am missing a lot of details and transition from room to room.

      fragment 1: me and a group of people were out in the woods on a late fall day, the leaves were pretty much off the trees, and it was an overcast(cloudy) day out. there was a squirrel in a big tree in front of us and i decided to shoot at it with my pellet gun. it hit and the squirrel fell and i walked over to it. it wasn't dead yet though so i put it down so it would not suffer. i think i was going to bring it to the camp site but the dream ended.

      the next dream i was trying to sneak into a big complex in the mountains. to get into the place, i was swimming underwater most of the way. the building was in the mountains but had a lot of water under it. so i came out a few places but it took a while to get where i wanted to. some of the rooms looked blocky like minecraft. i found my way in eventually. the building looked like it was make of blocks for the most part. the rooms were mostly white, futuristic looking with a few black contrasting blocks here and there. i would keep ending up in small workshops throughout the building that wouldn't be futuristic and look like unfinished concrete basements with a lot of tools and machines separated with yellow rails. i made my way into a big lab room that was like it was before and heard people coming behind a door, so i went through it and it looked like i was in a long hallway to a hospital, and i started putting blocks down as a barrier and went bak into the lab room , closed the door, and locked it. the doors were not like normal doors. they were big thick doors with a lot of metal and moving parts. probably blast proof. after that i went out of the lab through a new hallway and ended up in another concrete room.

      next thing i knew i was in a restaurant that looked like hooters, and all my fraternity brothers were thee and we were having pizza. i stayed and talked for a bit but left soon. i was outside at night looking for my truck to drive home but i never found it. i woke later.
    13. (march 11, 2015) driving, vault, darkness

      by , 03-11-2015 at 06:20 PM
      I had started out at my younger brothers school, not sure if I had drove there or just started the dream there. I think i had seen this place before though. I was in the cafeteria, and there was a long line of options to pick from. the room already had people sitting down and no one was in the line. The room looked like a lot of other high schools, varying colors of white and tan floor tiles that were waxed over. boring wall paint of the same colors. I was looking for my brother here and I found him shortly after waiting. we both got pizza in the lunch line and it took forever so they gave us a free sandwich. next thing i knew, my brother was driving my truck and i was in the back seat having a completely different sandwich. i got mad for some reason and threw it but decided i should probably clean it up. all of a sudden i was driving a GMC acadia, except this ine had a turbo charger and i would zoom by traffic. i almost hit a car at a red light but i pulled to the side and was safe. then everything turned black, but i was still driving. i tried turning on the headlights but they didnt help much. and once again a was in a completely new place with no transition. i was in a dark vault but decided to imagine a window and it worked, though i was not lucid. i tried opening the door with the puzzle on it but could not, i lock picked it instead and it opened up into a house. i think we were kept hostage there at first, but soon after my friends were there and everything seemed to be ok. there was one thing, apparently my friend also, who had the body of a man but the head of a pig. very strange and how did that not make me question my reality? i dont know.

      this one i kept a bit short due to time constraints, maybe ill edit it later to add detail. got two midterms and after that st. Pats week will kick off!
    14. (march 10, 2015) Orange paint (fragments) Bed set-up(notes)

      by , 03-10-2015 at 04:28 PM
      Im not sure if this place was pulled from memory or created. I was in what looked like it may have been a gymnasium, or some sort of recreational room. only half the floor was there and it was the waxed wooden flooring you see in thos kind of rooms. there was a wall in the center dividing it into two rooms with a small doorway in the wall connecting the two rooms. in one room two people were talking, including someone who was doing a project with orange paint. me and two others were in the opposite room taling about layout or something. anyway, one guy in the room i was in wanted to show us his idea for flooring so he walked over to the wall and flipped a switch. the part of the floor that was not built, had a sheet of orange paint canvas/plastic start sliding out to cover the open floor space. the other DC that was in he room exclaimed that it was the painter in the other room who owned that paint/paintings. The painter heard and was going to come over but the dream changed course a bit. the lighting changed to a dull yellowish light, like from an old light bulb, and all of us decided to paint the floor orange, and put some purple stripes. (orange and purple, i observed these colors while studying olivine under a microscope in cross polarized light earlier that day, outside of the dream). i wanted to paint orange, and walked over to the wall of the room where paint was kept. they were not in paint cans though, they were in big weird chapped buckets. i grabbed a brush from the purple paint and washed it off to get orange but my roommate's alarm woke me from the dream.

      In another fragment i was hearing how i had to get an "okay" from our house manager before i could keep the towels i hung around my bed to block out light from the bright exit sign. (I set this up for the first time right before i went to sleep and had a dream about it already being there).
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      non-lucid , side notes
    15. LUCID DREAM 3 (March 7, 2015) First Wild! Exploring in the darkest Night

      by , 03-07-2015 at 11:29 PM
      March 7, 2015 First WILD!

      Fell asleep at around 12:30AM

      What i did before I went to bed, and during the day:
      I watched inception before bed, in bed, and went to sleep as soon as the movie finished. I drank Bed Time Tea by Yogi tea company at around 9:00PM. Spent most of the day doing a lot of nothing. I was stressed in the morning over a bad test and missed assignment, and homework made it worse. I got better though. Spent a lot of the day building on a Minecraft server. I built a tower that was an educational center to learn a little bit about lucid dreaming. I read Sageous's WILD guide earlier in the morning.

      The Preparation to Dream:
      First successful WILD! also not only that but my first WILD attempt. Tonight i had a boost in confidence. I told myself It had been too long without a LD and assured myself tonight I will have one.I Woke up at about 4:40AM without any alarm and got out of bed to get a drink, use bathroom, ect. i only stayed out of bed for about 10ish minutes, and got back into bed. I was assuming i was going to fall back asleep after about 20 minutes or less, man was i wrong. i laid motionless on my back other than an occasional itch or two that disrupted me. i laid for a while and started meditating trying to get myself to sleep. i counted my breaths and paid attention to them carefully counting up and down from 10. I would start getting images in my head, "dreamlets" forming and playing out, but for some reason i would immediately snap to an awareness state and wake up a bit. no matter how hard i tried to make myself sleep I kept snapping to a state of awareness no matter how lost in thought I felt. I thought 20 minutes had passed since i last checked the clock at about 5:00AM, and saw to my disbelief it was 6:00AM! i had a few disturbances by people awake at 5:30AM for some reason and that added to it but i was up for an hour and 12Mins. I finally rolled on my side feeling somewhat defeated by my inability to sleep and promptly fell asleep, only i didn't just go to sleep.

      The Dream Experience:
      I thought i had merely past to sleep, there was a slight gap of nothingness. Next thing i know i was dreaming, in the beginnings of transcending into REM, stuck in place and was pretty sure it was sleep paralysis, as i have already experiences countless times. I heard a lot of strange sounds out of my control, and some scary vivd images. I instantly had awareness kick, like it had done all night while awake, and I knew I Had somehow made it! Right away 4 undead corpses were headed for me whilst still not able to move and they scared me at first until i told myself this is my dream I have no reason to be afraid. I finally gained mobility before they reached me, and i put my hand on them one by one and made them instantly vanish because i did not want them here.
      I Paused for a moment, i had to think of what i wanted to do and did the first thing that came to mind and i immediately started to fly, but was very excited and almost lost it, my vision became gray and blurred, however, while still in the air I quickly started to rub my hands together in the dream bringing it back and successfully did so. when I landed it still had a blurry effect, also I don't know how to land from flying well yet. I wanted the scene to change, but I could not. I was in a very very dark, night time scene in a suburban neighborhood. flying over the few areas i did it was just a lot of houses, separated by white fencing, and plenty of trees. It was so dark though I could only see where the there were street lights and house lights, but there really was not any streets yet, just houses crowded together. I wanted to make a sunny scene but couldn't, I tried appearing at a beach but also could not so I just stopped trying. In fact other than making the zombies disappear I couldn't really change anything else. My mind was thinking very quickly, there was soo much i wanted to do but just could not do all at once. I would have one idea, then instantly jump to another. One thing my I tried to do but could not, due to not being able to summon DC or change the scene was go into "caveman mode". I knew its what would happen eventually but it didn't get to happen. I tried to find a DC to interact with. searched a few places here and there. I think i went into a few houses but honestly cannot draw any scenes in my head from them. One thing that did not surprise me until i awoke was one particular scene. While i was looking for the DC i wanted to see, I ended it up my old neighborhood from when I lived in North Carolina. Now i have not seen this place in years, nor have I recalled ever dreaming about it in years, yet here it was. Not everything was exact obviously. I went to a neighbors house there, and it still had the brick and concrete steps i remember as a kid (probably from falling on them once) and I saw my little brother and asked if he knew where this DC was. He said no in a confused manner. I looked out back at the houses and noticed more had appeared out in the darkness. I got up and went out into the street and thought what I wanted to see now but got too far lost in thought and lost control of the dream.

      Lucidity is Lost, Regained, but too Late:
      Next thing I see, I am already in another scene. I am at my grandmothers house in Connecticut, non-lucid now. i look out the front door and see 3 dogs that look like mine and let them inside, except another group of the same kind of dogs also comes in. i spend the next few minutes trying to get the ones that are not mine back outside. I almost get it and then i have another sense of Lucidity and become Lucid again, unfortunately i become lucid because i notice one thing, the dream is about to collapse. Though i think quick and go to rub my hands together fast before it is gone i am too late, and that thought of rubbing my hands transfers from the dream world to the real world and i wake up rubbing my hands together in real life! It i now about 6:25 AM.

      I Fall asleep at about 6:50AM again and sleep till 7:52, 3 minutes before my Alarm to get up for my first Karst HydroGeology Field Trip. I only got around 5-6 Hours of sleep this night. I was trying hard to fight sleep on the way back during the van ride.

      Goals and Progress:
      about 25 minutes of dreaming and about 20 of them were Lucid! One of my goals was to have a 10 minute LD, and I Passed it. This was my first WILD attempt, and what a success in the dream world it was, it made the long painful night of fighting to go to sleep worth it.

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