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    Canada, Sex, and Anger

    by , 04-25-2014 at 03:53 AM (513 Views)
    The dream started with me look at a map. I look up and see my self at the "border to Canada" which was just a giant trench going all the way across America i thought to my self how bad this is because i knew i was dreaming but im bad at changing dream scenes. I look behind me and find out that Canada is just the back yard of my old house so i walked towards the driveway and then took a right to my neighbors house, which looked totally different (this was a polished wood house with fancy lighting). I walked inside to find a mom and her daughter about to get ready for dinner. The mom asked "Hey... are you here for dinner?" and i said "Yes of course, i come here all the time." and she responded with "Oh really? I should probably stop drinking so much!" and then she walked up stairs. I look at the table and the girl is giving me the thumbs up and biting her lip. She takes my hand and walks me up the stairs into her bedroom. I look around her room and when i turn back around she is on the ground on her elbows and knees with her ass up. I casually had sex with her then the dream skips and i lose lucidity. Im now in an apartment with her and another guy. I decided to go outside and got to a house about a mile down and check out what it has (no one is anywhere) I then see my girl and the guy going to the house next door as i was searching. I see them run back as i get out of the house. As soon as i got to the apartment i had a about 20 satchel charges (out of no where) and i was throwing them at the guy and he threw the girl into the explosion. (This whole satchel charge part was really weird cause it felt like i was playing gta; it felt like i was controlling my self with a ps3 controller) I then had to start using a different "button" on the ps3 "controller" to throw more charges. I find my self in a room and i blow up the door as soon as he opens it and shoots me.

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