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    Stealing Art (vitamin b6)

    by , 03-05-2014 at 06:52 AM (528 Views)
    *First night taking vitamins before sleep*

    I remember me and my family (my dad, my mom, and my bother)(also my mom and dad were divorced so this was weird) just casually walked into an art museum at around 2-4 am (guessing by car activity and how dark it was) there was no alarms and it wasnt locked. We were gong to rob some painting but we saw this piece of paper on a pedestal in the middle of the hallway aprox. 15 feet from the entrance. The moonlight seemed to gleam on it. We went to get a closer look at it and we saw it had some kind of "lunar dust". Moonlight shined out of the dust and into the night through the window above. For some reason we fell asleep on chairs we pulled around it and we woke up about 2 hours later from the loud noise of a car door getting slammed out side. I remember running to the right of the main entrance to an other room on the right and out the fire escape . (the fire escape was more of a door to a gas station and also the parking lot was a small lot in front of the museum and it looked just like a gas station lot with the gas pumps and the roof) One of my parents grabbed the paper with the dust and some how we all got in the car and went *somewhere?* (can remember where actually ) The dream soon ended but i remember it being really vivid and it felt like i was actually there.

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