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    1. School girl (fragments)

      by , 03-12-2014 at 02:11 AM

      At school, there was a problem? Got a girl friend (dont remember seeing her ever in my life) we made out in between classes, computer classes
    2. Fun day

      by , 01-10-2012 at 12:36 AM
      KEY: Black: Real life
      Red: Lucid
      Pinkish Purple: Dream

      Okay so my friends came over and we went to one of theirs house. We stayed up all night so we slept in like crazy. Well i woke up and then i fell asleep and knew it was a dream. I started to fly out of my house and started walking. I lost lucidity a little after cause my friend (that i like) just randomly appeared and we started to walk in a city with small restaurants everywhere. We were just walking then we just randomly kissed and then we decided to get some food so we walked in to the mall like store that had a glass door then a escalator down to this foo court place. Then 2 of my friends walk up and one says to her "I love you" and tries to kiss her but she just pushed him away. Then we were walking and it turned dark out and the stars shined. Then randomly there were ducks in the road but when i walked towards them it was just a bunch of people from my school dressed like ducks and they flew away.
    3. Creepy Psycho Mom

      by , 07-13-2011 at 05:17 PM
      I was with a friend (i never saw him before) and we were gong to a different state for awhile. We got to this weird place and they were having a party in the back. people were dancing and everything. Me and my friend went in to the house and we went in to a room that looked like my moms (i didnt know it looked like it untill i woke up). I was on the floor next to this bed like thing. he jumped of it and tried to stab me with a knife (one of those knives that you use for cutting foam installation and cardboard and etc.) and he got me in the arm. Then this is what scares me. His mom took the knive from him and then tried to stab me but some how she stabbed her baby (like 2 years old) in the forehead with the knife. I tried to pull the baby away and she ended up having a cut about 4 inches deep all the way across the forehead witch killed her and the mom blamed it all on me for killing her. She kept me and was torturing me. I finally made a dash for it out the front door (it looked like my front lawn and had the same porch) but some one was standing there so i pushed them and ran but my dream made me slow so a cop (a dirty cop) that was working form the lady caught me and threw me back into the house. I was tortured even more intill both of them were occupied (paying the pizza man and grabbing the pizza they bought) so i ran out the door again there was a hooker and i said to screw off and i ran like no tomorrow. I was even using my arms to help me run then i saw my moms car at the end of the drive way all messed up (i thought she was dead) but i got in the back and she was under the seat (wtf?) and she started driving but i started to know it was a dream because she was driving from the passengers side (like a right hand drive car) and then i closed my eyes and i woke up.