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    4th LD (Finally Found Dream Guide)

    by , 07-22-2010 at 08:28 PM (976 Views)
    *Non-Lucid at first, then Lucid.*

    It started out as a non-lucid dream. Me, a girl with messy brown hair, and another girl were in some sort of video game. We entered a cave and started walking through. We stopped at a corridor. It had two hallways and we were trying to find out which hallway to go through. Then, we heard a roar come out of one of them, and, out came a mummy. We ran through the opposite hallway and came to a dead-end. We could hear the mummy behind us. We were desperate to find a way out, then, I found a secret passage and we ran through.

    The two girls went to talk to an old man that was in the room we went into. I, on the other hand, was looking for a way to get out. I opened a door and there was sort of a train track inside. The three of us heard the mummy's roar, and we ran into the train track room. We kept running until there was another dead-end. Then, a bright light washed over us. When the light faded, I was standing in front of my house. Then, I found out that I was in a dream. I had little time before waking up, so, I called out to my DG. The person who replied this time was none other than...the girl with messy brown hair from the mummy game.

    It turns out my DG was giving me a test before I could meet her. I passed, then met her. She looked nothing like she did in my second LD. I remembered my first LD and asked her if she could teach me to fly. She did, she told me to flap my wings like a bird, and it worked. Then, I made a mistake. I took advantage of her and tried to kiss her. She disappeared and a different girl appeared in front of me. I looked for her and found her in my sister's room, read the book, "Gone With the Wind". (awesome book) Then, I woke up.

    *I made the mistake by trying to kiss her, I hadn't seen her in a dream since then.*

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    1. Kaira's Avatar
      That's cool that you found your dream guide. In a lucid dream I had recently I asked for my dream guide to come and a litte boy came. I asked him if he was my dream guide and he said yes, and then I asked him what I should do. He said that I should find the names of 15 children, so I looked for some kids and tried to ask them their names. One of their names was Haha. T_T Anyways, I don't think the kid was my dream guide since he didn't seem specail at all.