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    Cool Dreams

    by , 11-06-2011 at 09:33 PM (522 Views)
    Haunted Trail
    I was at a haunted trail attraction with a group of friends. I was specifically with my cousin, Devin. We were both scared because we heard chainsaws. So, we made a plan to go into the haunted trail through the other end, so, we would be prepared. Our group left us and went into the haunted trail. I spotted my church pastor and talked to him. He jokingly told me that he was scared.

    Me, the Juvinile
    I dreamed that I was spending the day at my cousin, Devin's house. His mom worked at a juvinile center. In the dream, I had a friend in that center. So, me and Devin kept trying to break into the juvinile center. The first time, we made it to the door, but, Devin's mom came out and we had to hide under a table. But, his mom saw us and dragged us back to the house, telling us that if she catches us back there, she'll kill us. So, we tried again. This time, we made it to the pool room. The pool was filled with girls. Eventually, Devin's mom came in and it was every man for himself! I jumped into the pool and ran for it. Somehow, my clothes were gone. I ran outside and a random kid told me to talk to him or he'll tell on me. I ran away from him. I went back to the house, Devin made it. I tried to put on pants, but, I couldn't. So, I put on some pajamas. I woke up.

    Concert Fragment
    I was at one of my brother's concerts. He was doing really good. "Alright," he said, "We've got one more song for you! I'm pumped up!" A girl in front of us said he sucked. I told her to shut-up.

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