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    Weird Dream Night

    by , 11-05-2011 at 05:34 PM (539 Views)
    Haunted House
    I was in a haunted house attraction with a group of friends. We were at the end of it. We were about to go through the hallway, when Leatherface popped out with a chainsaw. Everybody screamed except for me. I fell to the floor and so did a DC. I told them, "We have to not look scared. He would go away if we're not scared." We got up from the floor, but, I think the Leatherface guy heard me. He wouldn't go away.

    This was a lucid dream fragment. I was in a snowy desert. Ellen Page and Leonardo Decaprio were in front of me. I was holding a gun. I was full aware I was dreaming.

    That 70s Show
    It was an episode of That 70s Show. Eric, Fez, Hyde, and Kelso were there. They were all mad at Kelso and he was trying to explain himself.

    Got the Part
    I dreamed that I got one of the lead parts of a weird dance movie. I shared the lead part with my friend Billy (A recurring character in my dreams) and a black guy. I don't remember the black guy's name, so, let's nickname him Youssef. Youssef, Billy, and I shared a dorm together. A very bossy woman barged in there and demanded us to be under her control. We said no. So, she gave us each five dollars. At lunch, we each spent our five bucks on chicken. The woman watched us do it and was mad at us. The chicken looked like chocolate cake. We then started filming the
    first scene of the movie. I found out the woman played the part of the principal in the movie. The scene took place in a gym. Youssef was the main character. All the dancers, including Youssef, Billy, and me, danced to a very weird song. The school staff didn't want us to.

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