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    9/10 Stabilization Training-Lucid #251

    by , 09-10-2013 at 04:19 PM (358 Views)
    Non Dream

    After numerous fails, I'm trying harder to master stabilization. The first step is to find a nice routine to follow.

    I look out the window from my bed to find the sky filled with stars. It almost looks like some of them are moving like water. After I got up and I look at the sky more closely, I could see the Big Ben. I do a nose pinch and I can breathe. I think about what my goal was. I forgot what it was. I noticed I had some glasses on (I don't wear glasses in real life). I took them off but they kept regenerating themselves. I found myself thinking about my body so I decided to let it go. All of the sudden, I floated in the air uncontrollably but was able to lower myself just by imagining it. I was in a house similar to my dads now, in the living room. I finally remembered my goal of summoning a candy and examining it. I took a candy out of my pocket and looked at it. It was a small, clear sucker with a decoration of Snoopy in the middle. I smelled it but it didn't smell like anything. I tasted it but it didn't taste like anything. I looked around and saw a child on a wooden staircase. She was smiling at me. The dream was pretty vivid at this point. She probably wanted a candy. I woke up.

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