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    dolphin's dreams

    Blood TOTM

    by , 10-03-2014 at 05:06 PM (337 Views)
    I woke up from a dream, looked around and saw that it was dark. I noticed two cats sitting close to me on my bed.
    "I need a cup of dolphin blood," I said.
    "Stick out your finger and a dolphin will appear," one of the cats replied.
    "I know that," I thought. I stuck out my finger behind my back. I felt the dolphins beak and turned around. It was right in my face. "I need a cup of dolphin blood," I said.
    "Okay! Follow me!" the dolphin said in an upbeat, squeaky voice. It went into one of the other bedrooms and came out a couple of seconds later holding a big 24 ounce glass of dolphin blood which the dolphin gave me. It looked convincing enough, a little bit frothy and viscous and I could see blood sticking on the empty part of the glass. I quickly took a couple of big gulps. I was disappointed to find it didn't taste anything but I did get a strange sensation that I was starting to transform into a dolphin like I had hoped.
    I woke up, probably from my excitement.
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