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    dolphin's dreams

    competition night #13

    by , 01-23-2016 at 06:34 PM (438 Views)
    DILD 1
    I was at an intersection with my sister. It looked like there was a fire over the hills. We see what looks like a huge rocket fly into the sky. We look at it in awe as it flies around, gradually getting closer to us. We find it's actually more like a car as it almost hits us. I start to think "what if I'm dreaming" and realize I'm dreaming. I decide to attack the car by punching it. "Die! Die! Die!" The scene suddenly changes to me looking at the ground. I see some minty fresh gum, and eat it. Very minty! I jump up to fly but can't go too fast because my body is heavy. I look around and it's very overcast. The landscape had sort of an end of the world look to it. I woke up.
    DILD 2
    I wake up to the sound of a television. I don't have a television. I realize I'm in my grandmas house and stumble around, feeling dizzy. I remember my dream goal to summon a book and read the title. I put my hand behind my back but feel a hand instead. I spin around to see who it is and wake up.
    DILD 3
    A young lady and I are racing around a house down some stairs. I realize the house isn't mine and that I'm dreaming. I go outside and put my hand to my side and summon a book. A felt a hefty book and looked at the title. The title was in big letters and was short but I still couldn't read it. I turned the book upside down and could read the title. It read: Old Bot Book. I put it down and tried to summon paigeyemps but couldn't and woke up.

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    1. spellbee2's Avatar
      3 lucids in one night? Impressive. Though I question your decision to eat gum off the ground...