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    dolphin's dreams

    Competition night #2

    by , 01-12-2016 at 07:26 PM (225 Views)
    Revenge of the DC
    I wake up and notice I could sort of see with my eyes closed. I get up and go to the front entrance. I decide to try my trusty jump into the void RC which has never failed me. I jump but don't go anywhere. I look through the glass front door and see two postal workers approaching. They unlock the door and open it. From behind them, a man in a Dominos Pizza uniform approaches me and takes two dollars out of my shirt pocket while saying "My money." I wake up.
    I'm walking upstairs with my dad when I randomly start thinking "What if I'm dreaming?" I recall the failure of my last RC and try to float in the air this time, which I do. My dad says to see what the cable cars outside. I fly downstairs to look out the front but don't see any cable cars. I could hear them though. I fly back up to my dad try to figure out what's with the cable cars. I wonder if I should call somebody to figure it out. I wake up.
    I'm staring at the back of my eyelids while falling asleep when I notice some random text popping up in the darkness. I watch the dream being created. I get up from bed with the dream still a bit unstable but I hang in there. I put my hand behind my back with the intention of summoning a random female from DV. I feel a hand and turn around to see an attractive young lady that I don't recognize. I ask her for her name and she says it's Naiya. This throws me off because I don't know if it's Naiya because I don't know what she looks like. I know she's attractive though so I decided to make out with her. She's not into it at all, though. She's just standing there like dead weight. I back off and see she's turned real ugly, sort of like an alien. I'm like fine, be that way. I'll just summon another lady from DV. I put my hand behind my back, feel a hand, turn around and see a clone of the other girl. I ask her why they look alike and she looks at her clone as they both shrug as if to say "Well I dunno!" I've had enough of this and go away to try to summon just a random young lady. I feel a hand, turn around and see an old lady who looks like one of my Grandma's friends. She says greets me enthusiastically and comes up to kiss me. I wake up.
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