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    dolphin's dreams

    competition night #6

    by , 01-16-2016 at 05:27 PM (125 Views)
    I was trying to get my dog back into the house when I noticed that the house wasn't mine. I jumped up to fly. I was hoping there would be some stars but it was day time. I tried to summon a dolphin behind my back but nothing was appearing, except for a bi-plane that was barreling towards directly towards me. I was trying to avoid it when I noticed I was flying almost directly above a big bay. I decided to grab on to the planes wing as it approached me and used it to fling myself towards the bay. I dove down into the slightly murky water. I was amused to see a group of penguins walking around. I again put my hand behind my back to try to summon a dolphin. One was still not appearing. I called for a dolphin, bubbles coming out of my mouth. An orca appeared out of nowhere in front of me as I also felt a beak on my hand. I turned around to see that the bottlenose I summoned was a bit smaller than me. I woke up.
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