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    Doggies, kitties, and girls; oh my!

    by , 11-08-2014 at 06:55 PM (314 Views)
    I lie in my bed recalling my former dog in my previous dream. I think about how dogs and cats have been the monsters of my nightmares for a long time now but this one seemed calm and at peace. I hear something moving in my room and look around. Shit! It's a dog, my sisters Chihuahua mix, Bella. I feel a sense of fear. I know this is not good which makes me even more anxious and fearful. My anxieties have anxieties! The dog runs around the room like the Tasmanian devil. She approaches me and bites off my left hand! I wake up.

    I lie in my bed trying to go back to sleep. Somehow I start thinking about cats. A cat quickly fades into my vision and attacks me. As I wrestle it, I recall that dream characters are like puppet characters, our emotions being their strings. I hug the cat and try to feel love for it. It's getting smaller! It's working! I put it down and start to walk away but the cat quickly transforms back into it's original size and aggression. I hug it and feel love for it again until it was just about gone. I walk away again. With no cat following me this time, I gleefully go to the backyard at nighttime and jump up to fly. I turn my attention to the basic i TOTM, jumping into a pile of leaves. I look down to look for leaves but instead see dogs following me. Dozens of dogs. Big, black, labs and great danes. I hope they don't fly up and attack me. Thankfully they see something else that interests them and run away. I look around again for leaves and spot them. Lots of leaves! Multiple red baskets full of leaves on a lawn. It's so perfect! I land and look and start to approach the leaves. I wake up.

    I'm in a classroom. A former crush of mine, a short blonde girl, is leaning back on me. I'm okay with this, just trying to go with the flow. The teacher calls out, "Girl, you'd better pay him! Without him, you'd fall on the floor!" The teachers attention turns to a student who doesn't have a desk. I stand up, forgetting about the girl, and offer my desk, again trying to be polite. Standing up, I realize I don't have any pants on! I look around, trying to recall where they were...I wake up.
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    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      "Girl, you'd better pay him! Without him, you'd fall on the floor!"
      LOL, I love dream-speak.

      Man, I can just imagine flying above all those baskets of leaves. So cool, man! Good luck on your next attempts!
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