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    Dolphin Dare

    by , 10-11-2014 at 04:26 PM (448 Views)
    I'm standing outside at a city square across the street from the beach when I remember I'm dreaming. I remember my dare to destroy a coastal city with an army of dolphins. I put my hand behind my back and call for a dolphin. I feel it's beak first and let my hand slide across it's head as it's passing me before I grab it's dorsal fin and jump on it's back to ride it. "Destroy this city!" I say. I look around and see many dolphins swimming through the air, weaving in between the buildings. I feel that I've got this task under control so I just relax on my dolphin while it swims through the air along the beach while the other dolphins do their thing. All of a sudden, there is a scene change and I appear to be in a different coastal city. My dolphin is swimming really slow and seems tired so I figured that time skipped. I get off it and summon another one just like before. When I try to grab it's dorsal fin though it turns around and bites my arm. I manage to get on it and am pleased that it's more active than the tired one.I lose my lucidity before the dream ends.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Pretty cool summoning a whole army Thanks a lot! It was a cool read Now time to work on your Dare!