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    Gun weilding "Health Patience" dragon

    by , 05-29-2014 at 03:30 PM (232 Views)
    Non Dream

    After a dream, in my bed I did a random nose plug. I could breathe! I walked out of my bed and walked around for a bit through the dark. I decided to try to fly through the ceiling like I've done in the past. I flew up but didn't make it through the ceiling this time. I fell through the ground as if it were an illusion and found myself falling through a void. I saw something on the ground and couldn't make out what it was, but it was supplying a wee bit of light. I stopped falling and was suspended in mid air. Then, a huge dragon appeared! I could only see it's head, which was about twice the size of my body. As I was looking at with great interest, it smelled my feet and smiled. I was trying to figure out what was going on when it pulled out a gun and pointed it at me! I grabbed the gun and we fought over it for a couple of seconds before I woke up.

    I thought about this dream when I woke up, trying to figure out what it meant. The dragon smelling my feet was a huge clue as my eczema on my feet has been acting up in the hot weather. I mused about how I wished I had talked to the dragon to try to figure out what it represented and went back to sleep.

    Later on this morning, I was watching a cartoon in a building when I became lucid. Wanting a bit of space I jumped out the window to the sidewalk below. I fell through the sidewalk just like the first dream and back into the void. I looked down and sure enough, there was the dragon again. I could see his whole body this time which was pretty cool. Anyway, I was suspended in the air again right next to it's head.

    "Ah, you again! What do you represent?" I said.
    "What do YOU represent?" the dragon said, obviously trying to avoid the question.
    "I represent myself. What do you represent?"
    "A health patience!" it responded.
    With this knowledge, I banged it on the head with my fist, apparently defeating it because I was freed back to my normal dream world. I woke up before I could do anything fun though.

    I didn't have very good dream control today but at least I defeated the dragon!

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