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    Ld #1000

    by , 12-20-2015 at 07:33 PM (407 Views)
    I had 4 LDs last night to reach #1000!

    RelaxAndDream asked about this LD so I'll share it in case anybody else is curious about it.

    I woke up from a dream and heard a child in my room screaming some nonsense. The little (Caribbean?) girl came up to me to where I could see a part of her from under my blanket. I tried to get up but could barely move. I asked her to pull the blanket for me so I could see. She pulled the blanket to reveal a male adult dc beside her covered with white make-up it seemed. I asked his name out of curiosity and he said something I couldn't understand. I asked which country he was from as he spoke with a bit of an accent. He said he was from France and Costa Rica. I woke up.

    So, yeah, my 1000th LD was less special that I was hoping it would be. That's okay, though! I had plans to summon and eat a cake and then summon and ride a dolphin in search of a cave to explore, but barely being able to move and being distracted by DCs made a dent in those plans.

    5 more LDs and I'll be up to 365 for the year. It's been about 3 in a quarter years since I joined Dream views. When I joined, my LD count was at 20.

    As far as LD technique, I've gone back to simply setting my dream control intention and then staring at the blackness behind my eyelids until I start dreaming. With this, I had and caught 3 FAs last night. I've had multiple LDs the last few nights after a dry November and start of December so I'm excited about the future. I really want to get better at dream control and stabilization, though. It's kind of frustrating!

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    1. AstralMango's Avatar
      Congrats on reaching 1000! Staring at the blackness behind your eyelids - is that sort of like SSILD?
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    2. dolphin's Avatar
      Thanks AstralMango! Yes, it's just like SSILD only without cycling.
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    3. BlairBros's Avatar
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    4. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Awesome, Dolphin! Congrats on reaching this milestone and on a great year of progress!