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    Lucid #305-TTOM-Bad day for DCs

    by , 11-06-2013 at 04:40 PM (375 Views)

    I wake up in my bed, thinking something was a bit off. I try a nose plug. Yay! I could breathe! I try walking outside to fly but I began floating involuntarily. Not again! I'll try something a bit different this time. I float up higher to go through the ceiling. I pass through several levels before arriving at what appears to be the top floor. It's a bit small and there's little objects everywhere. The thing that I notice the most are these Barbie dolls with pink, frilly mini skirts. I find the room I'm in only has three walls. One is open to the outside. I try floating through the ceiling again, only to find I'm bringing the up entire room with me! I go outside to fly. I'm in my subconscious interpretation of San Ramon ,CA, over the Chevron headquarters. I decide to land by the offices. I turn my attention to TOTM and look for a random DC. I find a tall, older man. I ask him what he's thankful for. "Nothing," he says and walks away. Oh..Kay... I put my hand behind my back and call for a very attractive brunette co-worker, different from the girl I usually summon. Nothing. I guess I have to settle for the same short, young, very attractive, blonde female co-worker. Not a bad thing. I stick my hand behind my back and call for her. I feel her tapping it which is very unusual of her. She always lays her hand on mine very smoothly. I turn around and summoned her perfectly as usual. I go in for the usual hug and kiss but she pushes me and starts to walk away. "Not today, I'm not in a good mood." she says. I follow her and ask her what she's thankful for. "What?!" she asks still walking away. I woke up.
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    1. Lucidordie's Avatar
      Very interesting. Seems like your DCs are not very cooperative. Have you been able to get them to have different responses? Have you thought about this yourself IWL? What are you thankful for?