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    dolphin's dreams

    My mind has plans for me

    by , 03-27-2016 at 03:55 PM (210 Views)
    During a routine awakening, I went to the restroom and back to bed. I laid on my back and started thinking about what I wanted in my next lucid dream. Before I was even finished thinking, I noticed a neon green blob of color had appeared in the middle of my closed eyelids. Not even relaxed yet, I settled into a bit of a more comfortable position on my back. I focused on the blob of color again, now ready. The blob vanished as stars filled the blackness. An evil sounding voice boomed, "WELCOME". A strong force took hold of me, flying me quickly through space to an earthlike planet. Speeding towards the ocean, the force slowed me down as I approached a small island with a city on it. "THIS IS THE ISLAND OF JOY," the voice continued. I was now in the city by a street where there was a big truck with a sign on top with a dollar amount on it. "IF YOU COMPLETE THE QUEST, YOU CAN WIN 1 MILLION DOLLARS." Yay! Dream money! I decided to play along. The voice then laid out my quest. He was now talking at a pace faster than I could comprehend, but from what I got from it, my quest was to retrieve some sort of object, go down a sewer and come up at an ice cream shop. Before I was sure what to do, I woke up.

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