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    my October LD training

    by , 09-30-2016 at 11:58 PM (151 Views)
    Last month I wanted to see how I would do if I only looked at my alarm clock to LD. I stuck with it for most of the month and had 34 LDs, 11 of which were caught FAs. I'm happy with this but I know I can do better if I weren't so lazy. This month I won't be as lazy.

    I'll try this routine this month:

    1.When I go to bed, I'll remind myself of my dream goal and go to sleep.
    2.When I notice an awakening, I'll try to see through my closed eyelids for a few seconds in attempt to catch FAs or induce DEILDs.
    3.If no more LD, I'll recall what proof of dreaming I missed during the dream and write it down.
    4.For each proof of dreaming I missed, I'll reimagine that part of the dream again, only with me become lucid, telling myself that when this happens again, I'll become lucid. When I have a lucid dream, I'll analyze my dream control and try to learn from my mistakes.
    5.Repeat 1-4 until the night is over.

    1-2 LD (Caught FA, DILD)
    2-0 LD
    3-0 LD
    4-1 LD (Caught FA)
    5-0 LD
    6-3 LD (Caught FA, 2 DILDs)
    7-1 LD (Caught FA)
    8-1 LD (DILD)
    9-2 LD (Caught FA, DILD)
    10-1 LD (Caught FA)
    11-2 LD (2 DILDs)
    12-0 LD
    13-2 LD (2 Caught FAs)
    14-0 LD
    15-2 LD (Caught FA, DILD)
    16-1 LD (Caught FA)
    17-0 LD
    18-2 LD (2 DILDs)
    19-0 LD
    20-0 LD
    21-1 LD (Caught FA)
    22-0 LD
    23-1 LD (Caught FA)
    24-0 LD
    25-0 LD
    26-1 LD (DEILD)
    27-0 LD
    28-2 LDs (2 Caught FAs)
    29-2 LDs (2 Caught FAs)
    30-4 LDs (2 Caught FAs, 2 DILDs)
    31-0 LDs
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