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    1. Spellbee Spring Competition Night 8

      by , 04-22-2017 at 04:31 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      WILD #1-I was trying to fall asleep when my peripheral vision seem to expand outwards and I felt some light vibrations. A scene of a room formed. I saw a DC with a camera. I realized I was on tv! I said hi to the camera. I could see myself being filmed on a screen. I looked like an elderly person. I woke up.

      WILD #2-I was trying to fall asleep when my body lifted up off of my bed. I got back down and found an open area. I turned my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and a full size orca was floating there. I got on its back to ride it and told it to go outside. It was going slow for some reason so I told it to hurry up. It seemed frustrated. I woke up.

      DILD #1-I woke up in bed and noticed that the numbers on my alarm clock didn't look right. I got out of out bed and found an open area. I turn my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and there was a large reptile of some sort, about 12 feet long. It was like half turtle and half crocodile. A turtledile! I told it go away it walked away. It went around the corner to go down a hallway. Happy I finally banished something, I jumped through the floor into a void to teleport. I kept falling in the void as I waited for a dream scene to form. I saw I was going to fall into the ocean, right next to an orca. I figured it was the same orca from my last LD, so I stopped myself midair to float above it. I sensed that it was not happy with me because of how I demanded it to hurry up. I asked the orca if it was mad and it aggressively blew air through its blowhole. I figured it was no use running away from it so continued towards it to let it eat me. It opened its mouth and I went through it. I phased through the back of its mouth. I was now underwater as I swam through past some sort of organs which looked like white kelp. As I continued, I was no longer underwater and instead was in a cavern. I heard some sort of Latin dance music playing. I woke up.
    2. lol

      by , 04-17-2017 at 03:41 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I was trying to fall back asleep when a force lifted my off my bed, took me in to the bathroom, threw me in the toilet and flushed it. As I was going down the drain I looked up and saw the skeleton ghost that did this laughing. I was teleported to a dry, open underground maze. with some people walking around. I approached some them and focused on trying to banish them by telling them to go away and turning my back on them. A couple of guys laughed at me when I turned back around to see if they were gone. I woke up.
      lucid , nightmare
    3. Spellbee Spring Competition night #1 and April Advanced ii TOTM

      by , 04-15-2017 at 05:16 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I felt my body being moved by a force in a dark room. It came to me that I was dreaming. I waited to see where the force would take me. I approached a door with a lighted sign that said "The End". The door opened to a sunny outdoor square in a town, where I was no longer being forced around. I looked for a large object to phase into an saw a large wooden black desk in the square with some papers and a laptop on it. I phased through to the middle of the desk to see if the papers had anything interesting on them, but there wasn't. I finished phasing through the desk. I faced my hand behind me to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I looked to see if the spinner dolphin floating there was big enough for an advanced summon, but I estimated it wasn't because it was only about 6 feet long. I faced my hand behind me again to summon a T-Rex and I felt a mouth. The T-rex was definitely big enough at about 20 feet tall. I got on the T-Rex's back and chased some DCs who ran away screaming. I woke up in my bed. I noticed that there were several spiders above me. They started to drop towards me and which scared me. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I woke up and noticed a middle aged lady who I could not recognize. I was pretty sure I was dreaming, but got out of bed and attempted to jump into the void to make sure. I jumped into the void. I fell and waited for a new dream scene to be formed. I landed in a dark building of a transit center. I saw that there was a street light outside so I went there so I could see. I put my hand behind me and called for a large fantasy creature. I heard heavy breathing and a sucking sound became surrounded by a large cloth. I could still hear the heavy breathing so I assumed the creature consumed me. I demanded that the creature go in front of me so I can see it. The clothed was removed as the creature did this. I got a good look at the creature. It was like a snow man, only it was made of dirty cotton. It had sticks for arms. I asked it what it was called but it did not answer. I woke up.
    4. January basic ii TOTM fail

      by , 01-21-2017 at 11:31 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I woke up and I could see my room through my closed eyelids. I got up and tried to jump through the floor into a void, but my body felt heavy and I was only able to jump halfway through the floor. A dog I live with, a Chihuahua mix, came into the room and dragged me out of the floor. I asked her to give me a massage and she asked me what that was. I said it was where rubbed my body to relax me. The dog took three long strokes with her head against my stomach and I woke up.
    5. splendid comp night 2

      by , 01-15-2017 at 08:36 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1--I was outside in the backyard of my grandma's house, when I noticed a short woman which [B]I thought I saw in a previous dream. I phased through the glass down to go inside the house. I put my hand to the side to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I turned around and there was a nice full size bottlenose dolphin, about 10 feet long. I climbed on its back and thought I needed to find a time breach. I saw a dark crack and rode the dolphin into the crack. I was teleported to an open underwater area. I saw some bullets. I looked to see who was shooting them and saw some anthropomorphic beer bottles. I rode the dolphin away from them and woke up.

      DILD#2--I was in bed trying to recall I dream I just had when it occurred to me that I might be having a false awakening. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I jumped into the void and tried to teleport to the ocean, which I did. I put my hand to the side to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I turned around and there was a nice full size bottlenose dolphin, about 10 feet long. I thought about how routine this all way as I tried to get on its back to ride it. After I grabbed its dorsal fin, it began to swim away. As I was dragged around by the dolphin I recalled that time control was the last of my 3 step tasks. I tried to stop time in the dream so I could get on the back of the dolphin. I tried various commands such as "Stop!" and "Pause dream!" but none of them were working. After a bit of trying this, I woke up.

      DILD#3--I woke up in my bed after a dream and something felt off. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I decided to try to jump both myself and my bed into the void to teleport. I was teleported into a sunny backyard and my bed had turned into a trampoline. I jumped off the edge of the trampoline and walked around while thinking about what my dream goal was. I recalled it was time control. I decided to rewind the dream. As the dream was being rewound, I thought about how amazing how accurately the dream was rewinding itself. I was back standing on the trampoline when I noticed a black and white cat that wasn't there before. Cats and dogs are sort of like dream enemies to me because they attack me so much. I made like a dog and yelled "BARK!" The cat yelled back "SHUT UP!" I laughed out loud, which apparently offended the cat because it went off to a fat yellow cat to tattle on me. I knew they were planning an attack on me so I wanted to get away to avoid their painful scratches and bites. As the cats approached me I was able to escape by jumping into the void. After this, I woke up.
    6. spellbee comp night 13

      by , 08-11-2016 at 04:17 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I'm staring at my closed eyelids but can see my room. I wonder whether my eyes are really closed or not, so a do a nose plug and can breathe. I look around and see a screen door to go outside. I phase through the wooden door frame. I say hi to Brad (from Luann comic strip), as he walks past me. I walk to the street and put my hand behind my back to summon a bottlenose dolphin. I feel a beak, turn around and it's there. I float beside it to check how big it is and find it's about the same size as me. I wake up.

      DILD #2-I wake up and find that I'm on the floor in my grandma's family room. I'm under a sheet and struggle to get out of it. I try to phase through the floor while sitting down which works. While I'm in the void, I try to imagine being under the ocean. I start moving forward and my grandmothers family room appears again. I go into the backyard. I go into a tight corner to try to summon an orca, but I'm optimistic it will work. I put my hand behind my back but down feel anything. I turn around and watch a bear about 8-9 feet tall fade into view. Its teeth are all bloody. The bear says "You'll help me find the exit, right?" I say "Sure!" I struggle to decide what to do. I wake up.

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      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    7. Spellbee Competition night 5

      by , 08-03-2016 at 05:46 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1-As I'm falling asleep I imagine an alligator being captured and flying out the window. A strong wave of energy rushes into my body. I'm able to push some energy out but some comes back in. After fighting the energy for a bit, I notice some kids walking around my room. I try to move but my body is heavy. I try to talk to the kids but it's hard to talk. I give up and just watch the kids. They're saying something but I can't understand what. I wake up.

      DILD#2-At a reunion with some of my former co-worker friends, I discover I forgot to wear pants and underwear. I'm embarrassed by this and try to cover up with my t-shirt. I wake up and see people I don't recognize, a couple of middle aged pacific islander people, one man and one woman. I just want to hug the women, which I do. I wake up.

      DILD#3-In a building, there's some sort of water show going on below. A DC dares me to go down a slide and into the water, which I do. I escape and start flying. I phase through a window and outside. I fly around and explore for a bit before I wake up. I look around and see I'm not in my room. I get up and successfully summon a wooden board. I'm not able to summon the blanket, though. I put the board down, but before my eyes it disappears. My body gets heavy and it gets difficult to do anything. I wake up.

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      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    8. competition night #13

      by , 01-23-2016 at 06:34 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD 1
      I was at an intersection with my sister. It looked like there was a fire over the hills. We see what looks like a huge rocket fly into the sky. We look at it in awe as it flies around, gradually getting closer to us. We find it's actually more like a car as it almost hits us. I start to think "what if I'm dreaming" and realize I'm dreaming. I decide to attack the car by punching it. "Die! Die! Die!" The scene suddenly changes to me looking at the ground. I see some minty fresh gum, and eat it. Very minty! I jump up to fly but can't go too fast because my body is heavy. I look around and it's very overcast. The landscape had sort of an end of the world look to it. I woke up.
      DILD 2
      I wake up to the sound of a television. I don't have a television. I realize I'm in my grandmas house and stumble around, feeling dizzy. I remember my dream goal to summon a book and read the title. I put my hand behind my back but feel a hand instead. I spin around to see who it is and wake up.
      DILD 3
      A young lady and I are racing around a house down some stairs. I realize the house isn't mine and that I'm dreaming. I go outside and put my hand to my side and summon a book. A felt a hefty book and looked at the title. The title was in big letters and was short but I still couldn't read it. I turned the book upside down and could read the title. It read: Old Bot Book. I put it down and tried to summon paigeyemps but couldn't and woke up.
    9. comp night #6

      by , 08-23-2015 at 05:32 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD-I woke up and saw a man walking I couldn't recognize. I got up and the man tried to talk to me but I ignored him. I jumped into the void to teleport but dropped into the same dream scene I was before. I was at a party and mingled with some guests. Next thing I know I was outside at night and some dcs were revving up a chainsaw with intent to chop off my limbs. I thought this is not happening and grabbed the revved up chainsaw from their hands. Some dcs charged me but I protected myself with the chainsaw, wounding them. I inadvertly flew backwards into the air. I could see a couple dozen dcs all lined up, just standing there. I realized the dream was about to end, so I dropped back down to tried to extend it. All of the dcs seemed to forget what happened and resumed their party. I ended up making out with a young lady as the dream faded away.
    10. Senseis Sexy Competition night #4

      by , 08-21-2015 at 05:32 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1-I was outside in the backyard of my grandmas house. A man was analyzing my golf swing for me. I took a nice swing with a 3 iron. I turn back and see the man has disappeared. I look around for him and find he went into the house to have a massage! I realize I'm dreaming. I jump into the void under the dreamscape and imagine flying over the ocean. A bay by a city appears and I dive in. The water is deep and realistic this time. I try to transform into a dolphin but can't. I see a plane ahead of me crashing into ocean. The plane heads for me but I fly up and dodge it. Just when I thought the plane had missed me, it started coming for me again. This happened a couple times until I found the plane was literally chasing me. I noticed on the wing there was a big angry face. It couldn't catch me. I taunted it, yelling "Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!!!". I woke up.

      DILD#2-I woke up and noticed I was in my old house. I went outside and noticed my family was moving. I don't know if they were moving in or out. I greeted my dad and he smiled at me. I tried to walk around but my balance was very poor. I jumped into the void under the dreamscape. I tried to imagine myself ice skating. I couldn't see anything but I could feel the ice under my skates. I woke up.
    11. Sensei's sexy competition night #3

      by , 08-20-2015 at 06:04 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1-I was trying to fall asleep when I noticed there was more light than there should be. I got up, pretty sure I was dreaming. I tried to jump to teleport and went though the floor to the void. I tried to imagine flying over the ocean but ended up back in my room. I teleported to the void again in the same manner. This time, the ocean appeared, although it was dark. I went underwater and noticed a huge shark which noticed me as well. I fought the shark, pounding it on the nose. I flew up out of the water and noticed there was a concrete wall on the shore. I focused on pounding the sharks head on the edge of the concrete as it was chasing me. This caused the shark to quickly become smaller until it disappeared.

      I was now walking on an alley in a city. I started to lose the dream but I was able to focus on my hands until I was grounded again. I decided to phase through a stone wall for more points. I was now trapped in a courtyard with junk all over the place, so I decided to fly. I noticed the sky was now overcast.
      I woke up.

      DILD#2-I was trying to fall asleep when I felt uncomfortable, as if there were more pillows than there should be. I saw that I was in a red and black room. I jumped into the void to teleport. I tried to imagine flying over the ocean again. This time, I ended up flying over a lake in the mountains. I tried to drop into the lake but instead kept rising. Eventually, I summoned enough willpower to dive into the lake, which was pretty shallow. Then, the dream forced me back up into the air. I thought, screw it. I'll do my summoning right here. What's bigger than human size? I put my hand behind my back to summon an eagle. I felt it bite and hold on to my entire finger. I struggled to break free from it but it only gripped tighter. I tried to get a view of the eagle but it was too big and was on top of my back. I somehow was able to free myself from and leave it behind. I woke up.
    12. Sensei's Competition 2/4

      by , 02-05-2015 at 01:14 AM (dolphin's dreams)

      Lucid #1
      I see some pretty girls playing in lake and become lucid. I jump in the lake and play with one particularly attractive lady. I wake up with a mess.
      I wake up from a dream unusually tired. I see a dog I used to own. I hug him and get up from bed. I float into the air and try to transform into a dolphin but can't. I find a mirror and get the idea to try to teleport to the ocean. I phase though the mirror and teleport to an underwater neighborhood, not the ocean though. I see an aunt of mine who looks like she's trying to guide me somewhere. I wake up in bed. I notice a...creature next to me. It looks like a giant 4 legged mozzarella stick with the head of a Cheshire cat and with teeth of a gulper eel. It has a rainbow sprinkle collar around it's neck. It's begins biting me which hurts. Occasionally it bites it's collar as well. I observe it in awe and confusion until I wake up.
    13. Lucid nightmare courtesy of holiday stress

      by , 12-21-2014 at 04:18 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I'm trying to fall asleep when a cat jumped on me and started to walk on me. Oh, boy. Here we go. It goes under my covers. It's a yellow cat. Aw, how cute! It bit my hand. I start yelling at it repeatedly, "What do you want!" After a minute it started to eat my head. Fine, eat my head! What do I care! I finally realized yelling at it wouldn't work and I had to calm down and show love and compassion for it. After I did that, it disappeared, and then of all things, wait for it, a SMART PHONE appeared in my hands. I've never dreamed of a phone in any way, ever. On it is a text message from the cat. It says "A drink". Stupid cat! Some sort of game then shows up. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. The game makes a sound like I died. Then, finally, the screen for texting came up. It wanted me to text to a fictional woman named Sally Razen. I have zero texting skill whatsoever. After a couple of seconds of figuring out what to do, I woke up.

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      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    14. Doggies, kitties, and girls; oh my!

      by , 11-08-2014 at 06:55 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I lie in my bed recalling my former dog in my previous dream. I think about how dogs and cats have been the monsters of my nightmares for a long time now but this one seemed calm and at peace. I hear something moving in my room and look around. Shit! It's a dog, my sisters Chihuahua mix, Bella. I feel a sense of fear. I know this is not good which makes me even more anxious and fearful. My anxieties have anxieties! The dog runs around the room like the Tasmanian devil. She approaches me and bites off my left hand! I wake up.

      I lie in my bed trying to go back to sleep. Somehow I start thinking about cats. A cat quickly fades into my vision and attacks me. As I wrestle it, I recall that dream characters are like puppet characters, our emotions being their strings. I hug the cat and try to feel love for it. It's getting smaller! It's working! I put it down and start to walk away but the cat quickly transforms back into it's original size and aggression. I hug it and feel love for it again until it was just about gone. I walk away again. With no cat following me this time, I gleefully go to the backyard at nighttime and jump up to fly. I turn my attention to the basic i TOTM, jumping into a pile of leaves. I look down to look for leaves but instead see dogs following me. Dozens of dogs. Big, black, labs and great danes. I hope they don't fly up and attack me. Thankfully they see something else that interests them and run away. I look around again for leaves and spot them. Lots of leaves! Multiple red baskets full of leaves on a lawn. It's so perfect! I land and look and start to approach the leaves. I wake up.

      I'm in a classroom. A former crush of mine, a short blonde girl, is leaning back on me. I'm okay with this, just trying to go with the flow. The teacher calls out, "Girl, you'd better pay him! Without him, you'd fall on the floor!" The teachers attention turns to a student who doesn't have a desk. I stand up, forgetting about the girl, and offer my desk, again trying to be polite. Standing up, I realize I don't have any pants on! I look around, trying to recall where they were...I wake up.
    15. Sensei's Competition Night #10

      by , 08-06-2014 at 03:28 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      Non Dream

      Lucid #5 (DILD, FA #4)-"I don't have much visual recall right now, that's the problem," I said, continuing my conversation with a dc from the previous dream about my dry spell. I found that I had woken up in my bed. I do a nose plug and I can breathe! Yay! I get on the floor and start to crawl, trying to transform into a dog. I crawl to the glass door so I can see my refection. I'm not making any progress. I see a small cat behind me. Stupid cats! I turn around and bark at it, still trying to transform. It approaches me and bites me. I grab it's mouth shut and throw it around. We continue to fight for a bit before I wake up.
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