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    November TOTM basic

    by , 11-05-2015 at 04:37 PM (213 Views)
    I looked out across a large room and realized I was dreaming. I said out loud and I was dreaming and tried to remember the task. I was losing the dream but stayed still and hoped it came back...which it did. I was in a cafeteria. I looked around for DCs to bite. I came across some old men. One looked liked Charlie's grandfather from Willa Wonka. I decided to pass. I might have unsuccessfully attempted to bite another DC but I don't remember. I then came across a little girl with short, blond hair. She was holding cherry tomatoes in her hand. I moved my mouth towards her hand, but it was out of reach once again. I finally grabbed her hand and yanked it towards my mouth before I bit down on her finger until she felt some pain. I walked away, done with the task when I heard her muttering something. "Is she saying sick ass?" I thought. I listened closer. "Sickest!" Sickest!" she muttered. Then she approached me. "Do you need anything?" I patted her head. "I don't need anything." I woke up.
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      Always bite the girls, even little ones...Boys just don't taste good
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