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    dolphin's dreams

    Sensei's Competition 2/6

    by , 02-06-2015 at 05:34 PM (142 Views)
    I was in the master bedroom my grandmother's house taking pictures. I became self-aware. I went outside in the backyard and floated up to try to transform into a dolphin but couldn't. I looked around for ways to get points and decided to phase through the wall back into the house which I did. I went back outside and saw the pool. I got the idea maybe if I could find a way to use the pool to teleport to the ocean. I jumped into the pool, but without the proper mindset so I couldn't teleport. It was very realistic underwater, though. I got back out of the pool and jumped up, imagining I would drop into a hole in the ground. I dropped into an underwater void. I arrived at a giant toilet paper factory. I decided this didn't interest me and looked for a way out. I found some strawberry cereal that was openly stored in containers on the walls and tasted some. It had a realistic flavor but nothing special. I found an exit and flew out. The exit led to an office building which I recognized from an earlier dream I had tonight. I thought this was neat. I found a DC and told him about how awesome dreams are and he agreed. I looked around, looking for something to do. I noted that this dream was longer than usual for me and started thing about how much REM I had left. I couldn't find anything to do though and woke up.

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