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    dolphin's dreams

    Senseis competition night 14

    by , 08-31-2015 at 04:59 PM (381 Views)
    DILD#1-I was flying above the clouds at night. I was thinking that I was transitioning to the dream world.My vision started to fade to black and I thought the dream was starting. My vision reappeared as I dropped down to the backyard of my grandmas house. When I landed, I noticed a bat coming towards me. I tried to catch it but didn't. I walked into the house, looking for something to do, but woke up.

    DILD#2-I woke up and noticed I couldn't move. I decided to power through the supposed paralysis and get up. I noticed my sister. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her. She said she did too and gave me a kiss. I woke up.

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