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    dolphin's dreams

    Sensei's Competition Night #5

    by , 08-01-2014 at 03:06 PM (293 Views)
    Non Dream

    Lucid #3 (DILD,FA #2)
    -I wake up under my sheets and do a nose plug. I can breathe! I get up to find myself in the family room of my grandma's house. I phase through the glass door into the backyard. I try to summon a dream guide but nobody shows up. All of a sudden, the gravity in the dream gives way and I start to fly. I decide I won't fight it and try to fly higher. I see some weird looking wooden ducks. I ask one how to transform into one. Next thing I know we're both back on the ground and the duck is talking to me in non-sensual gibberish. I wake up.
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    lucid , false awakening


    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      I think it is really neat how you've managed to get so good at catching FAs! Any advice on this, or is it something that just naturally grew out of your practice? Sorry about the missed transformation, but otherwise, cool LD!
    2. dolphin's Avatar
      I'm still trying to get in the habit of doing a reality check after every awakening. It's not natural for me yet. I still miss a good portion of my false awakenings either by forgetting to do a reality check or by not becoming lucid when an rc fails. Laziness is my enemy.
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    3. fogelbise's Avatar
      Congrats catching the FA! I somewhat recently had an LD where the gravity gave way as well and I also didn't fight it...I think it is good way to approach certain things that are unexpected.
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    4. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I'm reading your entries in reverse order and it's interesting to see the ongoing journey to transformation.
      I love all the different methods you're trying.
      You'll find one that works for you soon!