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    Sensei's Competition-Thursday and Friday nights lucids

    by , 01-31-2015 at 12:28 PM (148 Views)
    Jesus was guiding me and a small group through a large room. He was encouraging us to control our dreams. I developed a bit of lucidity. I saw small model of a church and tried to change the colors of the stained glass windows. I did change them but I forgot which color. Then I saw Jesus and tried to change him into a devil. As I tried, an energy forced both of us into the air. I turned his skin red. I used telekinesis to throw him down into ground where he phased through. I flied higher into the air to try to escape the building but the building grew taller as I went up. The dream blacked out on me and I found myself in a void. I tried to spin to create another dream scene. There was a cartoon that appeared kicking a soccer ball. I followed it and woke up.

    I caught a false awakening in my ground level hotel room. I phased through the glass door to go outside into the night to my private porch. I flew up into the air to see if I incubated a tropical island. I could see the hills covered with palm trees so I knew the island was tropical and beyond the city, I could see ocean on all of the other sides so I figured it was an island. I dropped down and tried to phase through the ground to teleport but instead I bounced on the ground and quickly woke up.

    I forgot how I became lucid, but I was in a small town. I imagined jumping into a hole in the ground to teleport. I found myself dropping in a void. I felt my feet touch the ground but then woke up in my hotel room. After a couple of seconds I noticed people in my room and regained lucidity. I phased through the glass door once again to go outside. Once outside I stuck out my hand and let a bottlenose dolphin touch it, knowing that they are bigger than humans. I grabbed it's dorsal fin, got on it's back and we flew together through the air. I asked for it's name but I forgot what it was. I tried to phase into it in order to transform but no luck. After a bit more riding I woke up.
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    1. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      LOL, you tried to turn Jesus into a devil?

      Phasing into a dolphin to transform? That sounds awesome! What a fantastic idea, I turned into a dolphin in one of my dreams not too long ago, it was a lot of fun
      Welcome back from vacation! I'm excited to read more of your dreams
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